Junk Silver: Why I Prefer It | Silver Unboxing

Junk Silver: Why I Prefer It

Junk Silver: Why I Prefer It

Midnight rant as to why I prefer junk silver. Please forgive me if I sound tired… I was. Lol. Happy Stacking! Please rate and comment.

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15 Responses to Junk Silver: Why I Prefer It

  1. Kyle Vangills says:

    If u have a smart phone their is a coinflation app or another good one is AGcalc

  2. Kyle Vangills says:

    It don’t matter what you buy or how we stack as long as you you are stacking

  3. Erick Reynoso says:

    It’s always good to hear from somebody that likes junk silver for one of the reasons I do. Makes me feel like Im not that crazy. But it is absolutely true. Buy what you feel is right. There is no wrong in it. Thank you for watching!

  4. Erick Reynoso says:

    Thanks, man. I try to save what I can and buy as much with it as I can without hurting my pocket. Can’t wait to see how much I have by February!

  5. joehervey84 says:

    nice video

  6. Jose Aparicio says:

    Good luck bro, that are good goals that you have set there, good luck on your 200oz stack, well with me I just buy as I go along the year

  7. EpicRV says:

    I say it all the time — buy what you feel is right. 90% is awesome stuff especially the old old stuff like the Barbers and Walking Liberties. I come here to see all silver! And I tell you if I could get junk at a decent price — I would buy way more. Unfortunately in my area the premium is about as high as it is on bullion. I am a huge history buff as well and that is the main reason I buy the junk I do. Great stuff by the brother! Your present your thoughts really well.

  8. Erick Reynoso says:

    Hahaha. No worries. I really appreciate your advice. And as always, thank you for watching!

  9. bobthebuilder914 says:

    Junk silver is a smart way to collect silver. There is room for everybody in the silver community. The Kennedy silver reminds me of my youth.

  10. Tonic Lime says:

    nice start to your 90% stack!

  11. TheSilverlover999 says:

    Agreed. Silver is Silver. I love half dollars. Silver is very addictive 🙂

  12. veritasfiles says:

    And I just noticed the Dime should say .07234. Hahahaha… I don’t think there’s over 3 quarters of an oz. of Silver in a Mercury Dime. Sorry.

  13. veritasfiles says:

    Oh, should have added that the nickels I mentioned were War nickels from ’42 through ’45. On the ’42s, you need to look to see if it has a larger than normal mint mark on the reverse (Monticello) because only part of the ’42 war nickels had 35% Silver in them. Good stuff!

  14. veritasfiles says:

    If you want a ballpark value figure for your Silver, just look at the following example.

    5 Half dollars X .3617 = 1.8085 X $28.74 = $51.97 that’s the approximate value, but you’d need a scale to determine the actual weight & value.

    Be careful not to fall in love with your investment. I know the excitement you feel at the beginning when you’ve been introduced to “REAL MONEY” for the first time, but you have to be ABLE to sell it when the time comes. Good video! Love the enthusiasm!

  15. veritasfiles says:

    Advice – Don’t apologize for your preference. Everyone is going to be a little different, and I don’t blame you for liking junk silver. I love the stuff. And I want adaptability in the future. I think having “some” every kind & form of Silver is a good idea. Here’s the rundown on the Silver.
    Dollar – .77344 troy oz. of Silver
    Half-Dollar – .3617 troy oz. of Silver
    Quarter – .18084 troy oz. of Silver
    Dime – .7234 troy oz. of Silver
    Nickel – .0563 troy oz. of Silver