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The public and precious metals I apologize for the sound quality if the mic was too close to my mouth. My old mic went out and I have a new mic that I…
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7 Responses to The public and precious metals

  1. GoldSilverReview says:

    @ArgentPure, good for you! Purchasing Silver and Gold is just exchanging one currency for another, it is not really an investment like many people think. Some people want to purchase as much Silver as they can and want to pay the least amount of ‘premium’ over the spot price. Some places like the ‘Golden state mint’ sell Silver rounds for just over a $1.39 over spot, can’t beat that. (This was on 6/27/11) Google them.

  2. ArgentPure says:

    I bought one oz yesterday, two oz’s today and will be buying an oz tomorrow! If possible I’ll be buying some on Sunday too. I make it a priority to buy silver as often as I can. I find myself thinking about every purchase in terms of the cost of an oz. I find myself looking at things this way for example: Do I want those new cowboy boots or another 10 oz’s in the stack. It is amazing how much silver you can accumulate when you have this frame of mind! One and two oz at a time add up quickly!!!

  3. GoldSilverReview says:

    @endlessmountain, hi endless, thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out and experiment with it.

  4. endlessmountain says:

    As we gain with exponential growth, it maybe easier to analyse the charts in a logarithmic form rather than linear

  5. GoldSilverReview says:

    @SnapDLizard, don’t listen or even watch if you don’t like the vids donkey. How about coming up with some of your own donk. Thanks for the feedback…

  6. GoldSilverReview says:

    @sidkings, well it good that your in already, just keep accumulating on the pullbacks if you believe that it is going higher……….

  7. sidkings says:

    The public wont get it until the media and celebaties get in on the act.
    I was a saver for years just waiting for some kind investment opportunity, Im so glad I found out about Silver, albeit by sheer chance. I only wish found out sooner.