Silver update: Silver unboxing, future content?, live David Morgan interview, bonus coin showing | Silver Unboxing

Silver update: Silver unboxing, future content?, live David Morgan interview, bonus coin showing

Here is my latest update. There is lots of good content in this video and is a much watch.

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver update: Silver unboxing, future content?, live David Morgan interview, bonus coin showing

  1. chargerguy74 says:

    The only issue with that collapse scenario, IMO, is that a 10oz bar valued at $5000 would not have the same purchasing power as $5000 today. But yes, I agree it would be a little much for groceries.

  2. cvenzke410 says:

    and the video with good information starts at :01

  3. slickboyLA says:

    unboxing starts at 11:37

  4. RndmMexican says:

    Yes in the o/I.

  5. cvenzke410 says:

    Ya buddie! I know that will happen sometime and I’m ready to see the fireworks in the prices then………WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW

  6. FlipThatBond says:

    The only trading lesson that anyone really needs in silver is after the Fed announces its next round of bond purchases, get on the long side.

  7. Karen Bcz says:

    Plus, you’re not trading the markets … you’re competing with “HFTs” .. High Frequency Trading models/robots (computers). It’s your brain vs. complex mathematical logarithms.
    Frankly, trading used to be fun .. until it turned into gambling.
    I have absolutely no respect for what’s going on on Wall Street these days.

  8. cvenzke410 says:

    Yes BrotherJohnF and endlessmountain are good chart guys and I too recommend them. I do get the hint and we won’t be making the trading tool videos. The people have spoke, thank you all for your feedback on those two subjects.

  9. cvenzke410 says:

    Oh, I understand. It’s not about subsribers to me, it never has and never will. I just enjoy being a part of our gold/silver community and love to learn then pass it on. I always stress to keep ego, trash talking, untrusted individuals and garbage content out of my videos. I want to respect everyone who takes the time to watch my videos so thus I won’t put that type of content into my videos. Take care, Chad

  10. LebowskisBig says:

    I like the idea!

  11. numag1 says:

    I have a few of those same bars. I like NTR because they are reputable and you don’t have to worry about getting fake silver.

  12. MrPointspread says:

    CNBC “Fast Money” is a great show to watch if you want to learn about trading and so forth.

    I stick to betting Sports because the Vig/hold is less and the +EV is where its at 😉

    Cheers and BOL in the future!!!

  13. SILVERSPOON999 says:

    Yes, learn and teach!

  14. therealfreddyp says:

    Please teach us more or let us know where we can get the information to teach ourselfs

  15. ccben says:

    10 oz bars are gonna go down the same path that 100 oz bars are going: harder to find, harder to buy, harder to sell, expensive, but awesome to own. Anyway 1 oz is probably still the way to go right now but that really is a slick looking bar, very nice.

  16. cityguyable says:

    Totally. I wasn’t trying to direct anyone away from your channel I was just recommending them to you. All those guys are pretty helpful in replying to comments for people trying to learn stuff. And thanks for the Margin increase vids.

  17. bigrsoul says:

    If you had a 100 oz bar made of gold it would worth $180000 and that would sell no problem. When silver gets really hard to get then any size bar will sell easily. Just look at ebay, everything sells there. My advice for folks is to buy big so as you dont get hit with a hugh premium.

  18. jaingxu says:

    I could see a day when you could take that 10 oz bar to the bank and get a whole lot of paper. If in the future there is a silver backing to the next paper currency. I feel that the next paper currency will be backed by gold.

  19. Karen Bcz says:

    I’d recommend Brother John F.
    If you two can collaborate.
    I personally think, in this market, now is a BAD time to “learn”  how to trade, because of the dubious state of the markets.

  20. Karen Bcz says:

    I’m old. And you’re right, I NEED to stop trading and just own physical.

  21. cvenzke410 says:

    Yes, Derek is very good at reading charts and he is a good man. I would recommend anyone to check him and his channel out also. Good point out, thanks!

  22. veritasfiles says:

    I’m not so much interested in the trading aspect. I’m primarily interested in commentary on what’s happening with metals, the economy, etc… I think you’re right about the 10 oz. bars also. Personally, I think a spread of 1 oz. government minted coins (primarily U.S. & Canada), as well as privately minted 1 oz. rounds, and fractional 90% American coinage is really the best and safest bet for most people. I also think owning some amount of Gold and other metals is a good idea.

  23. cityguyable says:

    Good stuff. Bullorbearreport is a good channel for mining stocks. Karl knows a lot about em and picks a lot of winners frequently. I believe YTKilledRawdog put out two videos about a month back about trading puts and options and as far as charts I think you can learn a lot from endlessmountain. That dude Derek is all about the charts.

  24. metalmadnessTV says:

    very good video chad
    thanks i only buy 5oz or less
    i buy mostly in grams

  25. elpatostark says:

    I have the same silver bar – bought it through Gainesville coins, it was on sale in early July. Beautiful bar