Should I sell my eagle for junk silver ? | Silver Unboxing

Should I sell my eagle for junk silver ?

Cameron’s questions .
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8 Responses to Should I sell my eagle for junk silver ?

  1. akaratekid1 says:

    Keep it dont sell it U MAD IN THE MIND

  2. Jay Byrd says:

    Keep it, just buy constitutional silver from now on.

  3. TheSilverlover999 says:

    If i were you i would prefer mercs. You cannot sell that eagle for a higher premium over spot because it’s dinged up and scratched. Probably you can sell that eagle for a spot. But if you chose mercs you might be lucky to have some key date mercs or a good conditioned mercs which you can sell for a higher price. Also eagle will always be around and they mint them every year in millions but mercs are getting fewer as time goes by.

  4. YouChube94 says:

    Trade the paper for mercury dimes

  5. 143DREWID says:

    Keep the Eagle and allow it to be the first you part with as it is junk, to you.

    Turn those hundies into mercs.

  6. silverfish VT says:

    This is really about personal preference. Lets turn the question around, what would you buy right now with say 28 bucks? 14 mercs? Or a dinged up ASE? I would personally buy the mercs in that scenario. Now, if someone is offering 13 mercs, then its an easy NO. They will continue to make ASEs for some time, mercs get melted down by the day.

  7. dan goebel says:

    Thankfully no, I have a decent collection of eagles in BU condition, still deciding which one is best. Thanks for the feedback ThesharpNshiny!

  8. ThesharpNshiny says:

    I would have to ask, is that Eagle the only Eagle you have? If the answer is yes, then my answer would be no, don’t trade it. But in the end, if you like 90% more than bullion, then trade it for what makes you happy