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Gold and Silver, Financial Preparations or Poor Investment, Equip 2 Endure Silver and Gold… Silver and Gold… anyway guys, wanted to jump into our next discussion topic in r…
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25 Responses to Gold and Silver, Financial Preparations or Poor Investment, Equip 2 Endure

  1. Michael Fisher says:

    I checked out this online video since I had gotten extremely worried about the economy and had not a clue what direction to go. Cash money does not always mean anything anymore. Therefore I made a decision to do a bit of exploration and came across Goldiverse. Now i’m so fortunate, I have the ability to change my savings from cash to all the major currencies, to any precious metal whenever I want. The authorities can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Yahoo it Goldiverse.

  2. silver john says:

    all i know if 4 million people bought 220 oz silver each year silver would hit 10-1 with gold if gold gets to $5000 an oz then silver would get near $500 an oz

  3. thewarlord1944 says:

    i think in the us it is a bigger mess than in europe.
    were not all like the greek people.

    i dont believe in gold and silver.
    i believe in stock actually owing a piece of the businesses.

  4. 420drwilldo says:

    Back in 2,000 wen gold was $200 a oz and today it closed @ 1,660 I thing or silver was $2 a oz and now its 30 well u do the math and it only go’s up or people are scared and they jeat don’t know what else todo cuz they don’t know jesus and know he’s coming back soon

  5. 420drwilldo says:

    In my opinion and from what I c and have read in the bible it tells u that there will be a grate famen not because there’s no food but because u cant afford it and u say ahh look another Jesus freak but it also tells u that the last generation will c israel form a nations and that happen in the 40’s every grate avent is forecasted buy a grate shadow. Now u might not believe but every one feels a grate change about to happen….. or with the precious metals market if u invested 10,000 back in

  6. MrWaymanc says:

    Adam, I think when it comes down to basic survival, investing in bushcrafting/hunting/fishing etc, time, knowledge and tools then the payoff is really much better for you, your family and friends.

  7. TubeDeviant says:

    I would also like to add Chris Martenson, Ted Butler, Bill Murphy, James Turk and Eric Sprott to the list of people out there who I believe are trying to help the regular folks… All of which you can easily find on YouTube..

  8. Northman says:

    TP and products for the ladies

  9. Steve Dickinson says:

    Hi, In my experience, financial security does not come from what you have. It comes from the knowledge that you can provide value to other people – whenever they need it.

    I hope this helps. Best regards, Steve

  10. drbigg1 says:

    Precious metals will hold value longer then paper but the problems I see are: where are you going to keep it, its heavy, identifying value can be hard, If we do have a crash and salt becomes priceless then your 2lbs of gold becomes useless. If the SHTF how much will gold really be worth. I’m sure nothing like that will happen just like I’m sure my truck is in good running condition but I still have roadside assist. Knowledge is always worth gold/water/food/shelter e.c.t

  11. DeimosSaturn says:

    be more valuable than their weight in pure gold. Bullets of the most common variety of guns (.22, 9mm, 12 guage) will be the most valuable despite the fact that they are currently the most plentiful, only because there are more guns that use them and so they will be depleted more rapidly. It will take a few years after a nuclear war to start manufacturing them on a scale to approach 1% of the demand.

  12. DeimosSaturn says:

    After a nuclear war, the time it might take to return to something resembling the industrial revolution might only be about 20 years. It will only take about 3 years for the winters to return to tolerable temperatures. After the second industrial revolution, it may take only another 20 years to reach the silicon age again, and then another 10 to 20 years to get to something resembling the early information age (around the year 1995). In those first 20 years, lithium ion batteries will

  13. DeimosSaturn says:

    will be the most valuable items of a post cataclysm society besides bullets and guns. But above all, manpower and skill will also be very valuable. The geek who took a metal smithing class in college will be at a far higher position on the social ladder than say the guy who owned the Hummer dealership. The ability to forge metal tools, build machines that run on steam, hack solar panels together, and process chemicals will be among the most valuable skills.

  14. DeimosSaturn says:

    However, if there is hyperinflation which can be brought about by a number of things, then gold and silver will not be easy items to trade unless people know how to authenticate these metals and have the equipment/chemicals/skills to authenticate them. Most people don’t know the different between silver and chrome, never mind the difference between 2 k gold and 24 k gold. But people do know whether bullets work or don’t work. Lithium ion batteries (20 year shelf life), and airloom seeds

  15. DeimosSaturn says:

    There is a anti-materialist belief that the only reason our modern society values things like gold or platinum is because they are scarce, but in fact, these metals have some inherently useful properties that are not easy to synthesize. Gold for example is a very low resistance, non-corroding conductor, which makes it perfect for making electrical contacts on various devices like USB plugs, spark plugs, etc. It is also used in microchips.

  16. 19sentner says:

    I think it’s a good idea to stack and save physical gold and silver for the long term after the pending economic collapse and death of the u.s dollar. It is best to have something to start off with than nothing when a new monetary system emerges.

  17. IgnacioAgramonte says:


  18. wanderingwoods says:

    I invest in precious metals…brass and lead.

  19. Aaron C says:

    The economic market goes up and down. To be honest, the only ones that are going to do well are the ones that are selling the gold, ECT to us. The reason why is this, They will only pay a small fraction of what you paid, then sell it for its worth. They like Roseland Capital, and the like are actually thieves in this regard. This is the down side of capitalism. Greed, and false hopes that you push to sell your product. Pay with what you have, and nothing more.

  20. LakeWater says:

    I began buying gold and silver in small amounts beginning in 1980. Considering dollar cost averaging, the investment has performed rather well. From time to time I sell some and that is an interesting experience. Let me just say there are a lot of land sharks out there and beware. I think it best to spend a lot of time educating yourself, go to local coin shows and network with buyers and sellers. Best to bypass retail if possible, too much markup and game playing.

  21. killerelite71 says:

    Began buying gold back in October of 2005, been trying to tell all my friends since then to quit spending and start buying. Have gold and silver, always a solid investment as a way to diversify. In bad times though, food will be the only currency. As you say Adam, if you’re not always prepared, you’re never prepared!

  22. Adones09 says:

    there is a money historian called Andy Guase, that just blows people minds on how this nation created and maintains its money. Some conspiracy type stuff, but he’s not a whack job, at least i hope he’s not, lol, he points out allot of “coincidences”. interesting stuff, why America got off the gold standard, etc.

  23. TheROCKefeller says:

    For those wanting to really learn about Silver(and Gold), check out the facebook group “Silverbugs”…for education in the metals and investing of only, and over 1,400 members strong.

  24. TheROCKefeller says:

    I echo the suggestion of Maloney’s book, one of the best out there to give you a good precious metals investing intro.

    As far as Dave Ramsey goes…his “get out of debt” advice is amazing…BUT, his investment advice?? Negative. He’s sour on any metals due to a $5,000 investment in the 90’s in Gold that, if he had held long term, would have tripled…PM’s are a long term, buy and hold investment, and in case of an economic crisis.

  25. shannonbtanner says:

    Read a great book, The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse, Author Fernando Ferfal Aguirre, tells the story of how it was when Argentina collapsed in 2001 and how people had gold chains and would cut off a link for food, I think it’s a great idea, great read check it out and Please have him on your podcast, Jack has had him several times, he’s a great guest with great ideas