F15 Silver Panda 1080HD | Silver Unboxing

F15 Silver Panda 1080HD

F15 Silver Panda 1080HD

The Chinese silver panda. One of the fifteen coins included in the Royal Canadian Mint’s F15 subscription – famous silver coins from around the world.

SD Bullion

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23 Responses to F15 Silver Panda 1080HD

  1. Chris Silver says:

    Expensive, but with limited sets of only 10,000 and ship to Canada only, they will probably go up in value. To me though these sets seem expensive, could have bought a nice box and made you own set with twice the amount of silver.

  2. Chris Silver says:

    these coins are beautiful, thanks for the high quality video as well. wish I had a HD cam.

  3. PokeFullArtTrader says:

    Ok, thanks 🙂

  4. RyanB0011 says:

    Not that I know of, the coin’s finish looks like just any other panda, it’s just part of teh F15 set. Only 3-4 coins have the F15 mint mark on the actual coin.

  5. PokeFullArtTrader says:

    Is there any difference between the Silver Panda from the F15 set and the regular Silver Panda?

  6. PandaMustafa says:

    is on Facebook

  7. PandaMustafa says:

    Like Silver or Gold.
    How About Numismatic Panda Coins of China.
    Check or Find Me on

    Chinese Panda Coin Collectors Page (Community)

  8. RyanB0011 says:

    Panasonic HDC-HS60 cost me $700 about a year ago. It is an excellent camera and has a 120gb hard drive. No complaints AT ALL.

  9. melonsmash3r says:

    Just wondering, what camera did you use to make this video? the quality is excellent and crystal clear!

  10. lowpross11 says:

    I have a bunch of those Panda’s too. I really like them. I have several in NGC slabs. The 30th. anniversary MS-70 is a SUPER nice one too!
    Keep stacking!

  11. sfgiantsfan03 says:

    Great coin. The coin case looks pretty cool, are they available for sale from suppliers?

  12. ytgv3fc7 says:

    with rumours of fakes it’s always a high value to see high resolution video of the coins

  13. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    What kinda camera are you using???? great video! best i have ever seen so far 🙂

  14. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    Nice!!!!! 🙂 can i have???? lolz

  15. MichaelSwan66 says:

    very pretty coin 🙂

  16. RyanB0011 says:

    $89.99 for every coin they send. It is pricy but there is great value for the collection as a whole. Special plastic holder and it came with a very nice & unique bonus watch that I will be doing a video on. It also comes with a special wooden case that will be able to house all the coins witch will not cost extra. It has not shipped yet but will be coming soon!

  17. RyanB0011 says:

    Unfortunately not. The F15 mark was just for the maple leaf if the set.

  18. papermoney54 says:

    how much was it if you dont mind my asking

  19. papermoney54 says:

    nice panda. keep stacking

  20. ArgentPur1OZ says:

    no f15 mint mark?

  21. TheSilverAgeHasCome says:

    The best clear video i ever saw on a coin, wow! Nice close up 2. It will be nice too see this on every coin out there.

  22. TheZippoCollector says:


  23. FreeRSAccountsWeekly says: