Update: 6/8/2013 President Nick Vanderlaan personally called me about the issue to apologize, but kept emphasizing on how I’m “cyber bullying” towards Maria….
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SD Bullion

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  1. Scott McMurtrie says:

    Actually, I believe you need to look up what slander is. First off, slander can not be applied to a video in most, if not all states. Libel laws would be used, and it would be the burden Goldmart to prove he made a false statement, had malice intent, had disregard of the truth, and caused harm. Just because you haven’t as the issues many of us had with Goldmart, it doesn’t make his statements any less true.

  2. Travie Leh says:

    Terrible -.-

  3. superpotatoes1989 says:

    That is one of the risks always apparent with buying anything over the internet. There is always going to be a few shady businesses around. It sounds like Goldmart is just one of them.

  4. Matt Montgomery says:

    ive seen alot of ppl complaining about goldmart on youtube … and even if i bought 6 coins if it took a month i would be annoyed too

  5. Matt Montgomery says:

    LOL i enjoyed this video … ill take your advice on goldmart and not buy from them … also i subscribed

  6. sang3Eta says:

    People need to understand what an arbitrage scam is. In a falling price market you can sell an item at todays price, come up with an excuse as to why you cannot ship, then send the customer something you bought at a lower price later and pocket the difference. Not saying that’s what’s going on here, but keep that in mind whenever someone delays any kind of transaction.

  7. shaolin811 says:

    They didnt have any notes , in fact the website said packed and ready to be shipped and in stock. Sent an email saying it will be sipped in a few days.

  8. upgrader99 says:

    You bought during a very busy time for bullion dealers. They couldn’t help they didn’t have the supply to keep up with demand – many dealers did not. Did they have a warning like on gainesville that says “Your order won’t ship until X/XX?” If not, then I would fault them for that. Bottom line, it sounds like you got scared because of the large decline in price. Not that I can fault you there… I’ve lost money in this as well. The amount of oz you have hasn’t changed however.

  9. shaolin811 says:

    see that’s the thing. People who are hating on this video keep saying stuff like oh ur a spoiled brat and just couldn’t wait. But that’s not the issue. The issue was that they make no customer service effort to tell us that there is a delay. and they are terrible with emails. Gold mart is trash. A lot of people who also hate on this video are “new” users. Which means i have suspicion that gold mart employees are leaving me hate comments on this. Most people who agree are regular users.

  10. 27jbery says:

    My first (and last) experience buying from Goldmart was very frustrating. They emailed me after my payment was received and said my order would ship in 7 days, 4 anxious weeks later I had still received nothing. I called and was put on hold until I gave up. It seemed like they wanted me to be upset so I would cancel my order and they would keep the 5 percent deposit. Finally received my order a full month later. I will be buying through Golden State Mint in the future.

  11. shaolin811 says:

    1. Your grammar is terrible. I really have a hard time trying to understand what you’re trying to say here.
    2. I assume ur saying something about how asian companies work the same way ??
    3. Why bring ethnicity into the issue here??
    4. You really make no sense. If someone reading your comment understands what you’re trying to say, I hope they leave a comment for me explaining it.

  12. shaolin811 says:

    Sorry dude, but that’s your opinion. On top of that, goldmart being a great company is your opinion, not a fact. Check out their ratings. It speaks for itself. On top of it, i wasn’t complaing about how bullion markets work. I was complaining about the lies a customer service representative said. No need to call people clowns here. Way to make an impression of yourself buddy.

  13. Tom Wodetzki says:

    GOLDMART is a great company to deal with. This guy has no clue how the bullion market works and I have to say that an order for 5 silver ounces is a teeny tiny order. I will continue to do business with GOLDMART and this clown should spend time learning about how the bullion market works. Also, use your time to look up slander. It’s going to take a lot more than 5 ounces of silver to defend yourself. Sorry.

  14. jeka100 says:

    what do u expect from Asians ? check chinese owned straight talk they cut your 3g speed at will and u done u pay 50 bucks for unlimited and u r at their mercy every month… ONE WORLD ANY ASIAN BUSINESS IS LIKE THIS SOMETIMES JUST COMUFLAGED BY THE FRIENDLY AMERICAN CUSTOMER SERVICE

  15. shaolin811 says:

    And that’s great that if you’ve never had any problems with them for 2 years. Then you can be named as one of the few lucky ones. But sorry, wasn’t that way for me. Plus other people have privately messaged me their countless problems with goldmart.

  16. shaolin811 says:

    You telling me to grow up buddy and get a life and boast about how me buying a lousy 6 oz silver order doesn’t make you a bigger man here. You are obviously trying really hard to be the internet “tough guy” Watch my other videos. You’ll know I’m a student who isn’t able to afford low 5 figure. Have a nice day douche.

  17. shaolin811 says:

    The main thing was about how they constantly lied about the shipment and location of their silver and how rude Maria was Check out other comments below on other people’s experiences. Obviously if you’re doing a 5 fig. business transaction,they are more inclined to pay more attention to that That’s just how business is Bravo that you can afford that much, but that doesn’t support your point at all. Keep doing business with them, what have you accomplished telling me to grow up and get a life.

  18. Tony T says:

    I have been doing business with GOLDMART for almost 2 years now..I NEVER EVER
    HAD ANY KIND OF ISSUE WITH THEM..I just don’t buy 6 lousy oz of silver..It’s really
    sad that you can’t be patient for 6 oz of silver..I have done low 5 figure business with them
    They are great and I will continue doing business with them
    Grow up buddy and get a life

  19. Sam Hong says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll stick with APMEX and silvertown.

  20. silverpanda34 says:

    Thanks! i was going to order from them… me on to ampex now.

  21. Chubearishere says:

    Thanks for the heads up. 

  22. angel alisha says:

    Nope they never processed nothing neither an updated email.They had the 5 percent of my product money as well.I am the one who would loose either way anyway.Their policy is not so cool.They shipped my product after 2 months.saying they have shortage.

  23. shaolin811 says:

    Honestly, that’s just unethical period. To threaten a customer like that for their own gains. Why would they threaten to summon you to court. They can simply just not ship the order. They probably never shipped your order in the first place.