Unboxing Some Coins | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing Some Coins

Unboxing Some Coins

In this video i cover silver that I got from mail today.

SD Bullion

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8 Responses to Unboxing Some Coins

  1. ToonandBBfan says:

    I’m going to aquire some Perth Mint silver coins soon

  2. yttst01 says:

    Awesome score!

  3. Arto Alanenpää says:

    Forexample here in shop 1 oz Silver Eagle cost today 37 to 40 euros, but from other coin collector it cost 30 to 34 euros.

  4. Arto Alanenpää says:

    I buy from forexample huuto(dot)net it is like ebay in Finland that you buy form induviduals not shop that way there is no VAT tax, but normaly in these bullion coins induviduals add tax that price what they have paid but it is still lower than from shop..

  5. jack black says:

    Very nice coins. Where do you buy your coins from and do you pay more for coins or are they the same price as the bars?

  6. JesusfreakPC says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen a 10 dollar coin before. Pretty neat.

  7. Arto Alanenpää says:

    I Dont really know, but i do know that you can say for toll that this is currecy as it really is Aurstralian dollars and if I would come from non eu counrty I would fill my forms that it is currency if peticular coins are so that way you dont lie or pay too much tax. In my country Finland companyes have to pay 23% VAT tax from every silver, palladium and platinum bullions or bars, but in induvidual markets no one pays that tax. In year 2000 our covernment free gold from VAT tax. Thanks asking!

  8. MrJulli74 says:

    Do you have to pay tax, when you buy silver from outside EU?

    Nice coins btw:)

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