Silver Bullion Unboxing: Provident Metals | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion Unboxing: Provident Metals

I am unboxing my 10oz NTR silver bar that I bought from:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SD Bullion

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15 Responses to Silver Bullion Unboxing: Provident Metals

  1. Austin Montgomery says:

    Yeah I will post a video when mine comes in!

  2. pattymcg101 says:

    yeah it is crazy. It is a great time to buy

  3. Austin Montgomery says:

    The price is just over $20 and ounce now, it’s crazy low! Just bought 40oz

  4. pattymcg101 says:

    Yeah i have been, im up to 90 oz now, thanks for the comment

  5. 1newdennis says:

    Now the price is around 27.00 don’t be discouraged buy will go higher

  6. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice bar bro…

  7. Patriotbadass says:

    1 week shipping my azz

  8. cooldog60 says:

    I ordered my coins on Monday and got them Friday!

  9. Blake Kelley says:

    Its good you are investing. I’m about to start

  10. sang joy says:

    A question for anybody with experience with Provident Metals. With Kitco sold out of all 1oz silver shipping to USA I was looking at Provident. Reading through their terms and conditions I read that if the market goes up, I’m responsible for the difference plus $35. If it goes down, they keep the profits.
    Does anybody have any experience with them on this matter?

  11. pattymcg101 says:

    from ordering to my front doorstep took exactly one week

  12. SilvermakingmeRICH says:

    How long after you placed your order did you get it? I was going to buy through them but don’t want to wait the 3-5 weeks most places have on silver. Thanks.

  13. msa0709 says:

    Great start. Keep stacking!

  14. pattymcg101 says:

    Eventually, I hope to get a couple hundred ounces, but it is going to be a while, as I have a minimum wage paying job, lol

  15. sepra cogan says:

    hey man nice bar… how much you looking to stack? im on first 1oz lol