Silver Bullion Unboxing 3rd coin In The Land Down Under Series from the Perth Mint | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion Unboxing 3rd coin In The Land Down Under Series from the Perth Mint

Captain Cook Coin. Land Down Under Series from the Perth Mint.
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SD Bullion

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12 Responses to Silver Bullion Unboxing 3rd coin In The Land Down Under Series from the Perth Mint

  1. Silver Bully says:

    Not matter what your going to make money. But I preffer bars over coins because simple math says it is the difference between making hundreds or thousands of dollars. Lets say you bought a 1 oz coin it cost you 120 bucks. And with the 120 bucks i bought 5 oz bar. Then silver shoots up to 30 dollars to 50 a oz. Who will make more of a return on their dollar. Well i sold for my 5 oz for $250 and you sold your 1 oz for $180.

  2. romannmorozov says:

    i personally like generic but i enjoy vids on collectables.. i jus want to pay as close to spot as possible;)

  3. Tonic Lime says:

    Perth mint stuff is awesome and unique!

  4. xxjose95 says:

    Nice stuff keep it up

  5. lagoveride says:

    yes. I think the main thing though is you need to focus on which ones will be the most sought after. Like the opal series for example. The first coin the koala has gone up more than 200% in price since selling out and the wombat is not far behind. I was able to secure these and the kangaroo. The land down under series is only for coins with a total mintage of 5,000 per coin which is 1 third less in mintage than the opal series. Maybe I will do a more in depth video on this topic in the future.

  6. EpicRV says:

    Nice ATBs…….i think you are on to something with the aussie numis…..the seem to do very well after they sell out

  7. joehervey84 says:

    Mine does to. I have 3 cats they bat around my coins. I keep a few clad coins on my table. They go and play with them .

  8. lagoveride says:

    my cat loves coins lol. He most likely just wants someone to pet him. he is very much like a dog. he never hides and does not like to be left alone and comes right up to strangers and wants them to pet him.

  9. joehervey84 says:

    Not sure if my last message went threw but…. My girl seen the video she saw your cat look at the coins. She wanted to know what he was looking at? I told her and she likes the coins as well.

  10. rocky315w says:

    Hard to keep your series apart without a score card.

  11. lagoveride says:

    fhanks joe!. My cats name is buddy. (I did not give him that name, but he already knew it when I got him at a couple months old so I just kept the name) I rescued him from someone putting him into a shelter and most likely put down and the rest is history. He is about 3 years old now and loves all people and to hang out with everyone. totally get you. everyone has different buying habits. I just could not pass them up at the price they were sitting at. besides its fun to look at as well.

  12. joehervey84 says:

    I’m here,wow I want one but sad thing is it does not fit my normal buying habits. I guess more for you lol and cool cat. I have 3

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