SBSS Silver Freedom Girl & Copper Debt & Death Medallion | Silver Unboxing

SBSS Silver Freedom Girl & Copper Debt & Death Medallion

2 Freedom girl and 1 copper Debt & Death Medallion from SBSS LINK: Subscribe, comment and like his videos, lets help him get 1000 subscribers so he can start…
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10 Responses to SBSS Silver Freedom Girl & Copper Debt & Death Medallion

  1. marvelousmarv89 says:

    lol positive man, i showed in my video how he wont allow me to leave comments or subscribe.

  2. lifelessperson1993 says:

    You sure he blocked you?

  3. lifelessperson1993 says:

    I’m more tolerant than most and don’t see late deliveries as much of a problem, but hey i’d gladly buy those off of you 🙂 open offer, pm me if interested…

  4. Zero Freehand says:

    Is that your collection on Ebay right now?

  5. marvelousmarv89 says:

    absolutely horrible, i should never started buying this trash and kept it simple with some maple leafs and eagles smh

  6. Jose Aparicio says:

    Wow! That sucks that you had to wait a month to get those freedom girls bro, that’s terrible service

  7. marvelousmarv89 says:

    thank you, but i wish i would of spent my money elsewhere, something from the canadian mint or some eagles. these rounds are garbage now. they don’t hold the weight they used when he first started to release them for a limited time. this will probably be the last time i buy from SBSS. thank you

  8. marvelousmarv89 says:

    he blocked me from his channel because of this video. i can no longer subscribe or leave comments on his videos. all i did was state the obvious. people are unhappy and i caught on to his game.

  9. SONS Silver says:

    Delivery takes way too long at SBSS my G. Hopefully they speed it up, they have a lot of growing to do as a company.

  10. silvermad1 says:

    great set