Quest for Junk Silver #5 | Silver Unboxing

Quest for Junk Silver #5

My newest pickups of 90% Silver….and a little something Special !

SD Bullion

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20 Responses to Quest for Junk Silver #5

  1. grg3d says:

    Yes I do helps me keep on track!!

  2. Travie Leh says:

    I love the feeling of completing a whole tube. One of the best feelings ever, agree?

  3. Travie Leh says:

    Wow! Really nice coins!

  4. brucebannerman says:

    Great intro! Hey nice contsitutional silver there. Like the blooper reel too, haha… funny stuff


    Sweet Pamp! Im in love 🙂

  6. grg3d says:

    Yah I know….. its all ready telling me it’s lonely

  7. Bigstackmcgee says:

    One great thing about having empty coin tubes, is that they’re begging to be filled.. I also can’t get enough 90% atm. Nice haul (love the bloopers too)

  8. Jose Aparicio says:

    Very nice..

  9. FrugalLife says:

    you know you won be able to have just 1 piece of gold.. it needs a friend

    Great fun vids and some nice silver

    Thanks for sharing

  10. MisterSilverMonster says:

    Bright and shiny seems like a cool LCS.

  11. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Very nice haul grg3d! Loving the pirate flag intro…as well as the 90%. I really need to get a hold of some peace dollars. They are (IMO) the best looking 90% coins, and I don’t own any

  12. greg williams says:

    Nice junk haul! I been concentrating on junk silver too lately, its a bit more piratey, love the intro btw 🙂

  13. grg3d says:

    I try….what might make it entertaining its all real with no script & all the outtakes are in no way planed

    (except one I did in another video and actually tolled the viewers just before airing it)

  14. grg3d says:

    Thanks EpicRV…and at the Mafia store their $28 apiece out the door…I know we can get silver rounds for $25…but yah its not the same thing…only 10 more before I start working on the “Morgan’s”

  15. EpicRV says:

    loving the intro!!!! Peace Dollars are without question my favorite junk silver — all though not sure some would consider them junk silver now with the premiums they demand now.

  16. grg3d says:

    @ Mrmattg11b…just threaten them real hard with scissors and or taking them out of the card…that straightens them up real quick and thanks for the comment

  17. grg3d says:

    @ MrSilverup
    Don’t be blaming me for your junk silver addiction its all Monkeyspaz fault…that’s my story and I’m sticking with it…however I will go to meeting with you…:)

  18. Mrmattg11b says:

    Great stuff! Been waiting for you to make a new video. I fight with my 1 gram pamp gold all the time too. They refuse to stay straight in the card!

  19. FR33MAS0N1 says:

    Very nice and entertaining to boot.

  20. MrSilverup says:

    that’s a nice intro. ARRRRRR lol Nice Gold buy there. I like Junk Silver now, thanks to you and Monkeyspaz.