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Provident Metal Unboxing Small Silver Order

16 Responses to Provident Metal Unboxing Small Silver Order

  1. frankp362 says:

    Nice stuff…i subbed to ur channel plz sub to having a good contest

  2. hopezzs says:

    Thank You Lanceoa and great videos and one day I want my silver stack to be like yours

  3. hopezzs says:

    Thank You Greg Williams for watching my video and I just want to say Hi back from the United States

  4. hopezzs says:

    Thanking For Watching

  5. hopezzs says:

    Thank You for watching

  6. hopezzs says:

    Thank You Fiat2Silver for the advice and L will keep on stacking

  7. hopezzs says:

    Thank You SilverfishVt for the advice and thank you for taking time to watch my silver unboxing. I really appreciate the advice thank you

  8. lanceoa says:

    Nice leaves!

  9. greg williams says:

    great choices, especially the maple leaf snake privies…I wish I had of had the sense to start at your age. Cheers from Australia mate & keep stackin’ 🙂 subbed…

  10. gregdiggermxt says:

    Nice picks

  11. mapleleafcoins says:

    Good picks, the polar bears should be great for your next order.

  12. EpicRV says:

    Nice Maple Leaf Snake Privy!

  13. silverfish VT says:

    Hope, I really like your selections. The fact that you are building a stack at your age, is a testament to your forward thinking. Please dont think about it in terms of “small for a…” you are in the game my friend! As soon as you bought your first ounce, you were ahead of the average person. Check out my “dont let your small stack hold you back” video, I really mean what I say there. No need to feel bad because you arent in a financial position to buy large amounts. Very good stuff!

  14. hopezzs says:

    The premium kind killed me but it was worth it for the numismatic vaule not the silver vaule but thanks for watching

  15. Irishsilverstack says:

    Class, the year of the snake, well picked out. Love that one, soo nice. Good unboxing. Thanks for sharing.