Physical Silver Demand and manipulation, Apmex Silver Unavailible to June | Silver Unboxing

Physical Silver Demand and manipulation, Apmex Silver Unavailible to June

Physical silver is getting harder to obtain just some thoughts about unavailability on silver especially 1 ounce bars, rounds and silver eagles. Pl…
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25 Responses to Physical Silver Demand and manipulation, Apmex Silver Unavailible to June

  1. Joseph Lieberman says:

    You can not loose,, even a penny,, if you hold your metal… the current price is irrelevant,,, only the price of your trade when you choose to sell your metal is relevant,,,,

  2. Joseph Lieberman says:

    Bullion processing company there is no such thing as metal being un available,,, what is going on, it that it is not available to them at the price they want ,,Example ,, the other day i contacted a source for silver my company usesCNC lathes to make wedding bands,,,all the normal sources want $0.60 over spot,,,, this company i contacted will sell to us at spot,,, but i must buy 200,000 Ounces 6.22 METRIC TONS. thats {200}—ONE THOUSAND OUNCE BARS…

  3. James Lowery says:

    At the tme of this video. APMEX was having trouble supplykng along with every other dealer. However. you could have placed the order with APMEX because they hold it at that price. The only onlone company I trust.

  4. genesistwoeighteen says:

    My opinion is that too many people are awake to the fact that the dollar will die. The bankers are scrambling. Jeremiah 50:38 A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols. 35 a sword upon her princes and wise men and they shall act foolish in other words they are going to lower the price which will just cause more people to buy. v 37 a sword upon her treasures(gold and silver). Habakkuk 2:6 will they not awake?

  5. genesistwoeighteen says:

    Haha That is disheartening. but if you keep it long term you will win. It is inevitable that paper money will die and if you have silver you are ahead. What the bankers want is for you to buy high and sell low as they manipulate. but if you buy and dont sell you will win beccause to many people are awake. Right now there is not enough silver to meet demand. the price is to low. try to buy some silver and see how much luck you have. I would be very careful buying online. You may get rip

  6. ownerowner100 says:

    once my PM goes up, I plan to sell it and use it to buy rental propteries (real assets), so I can have passive income to pay my monthly bills so I don’t have to work in a reg job anymore. I don’t plan to exchange my PM for fait money. I only plan to exhange my PM real asset for other real assets, ie rental propertes,

  7. genesistwoeighteen says:

    Its your thinking that ruins countries. You will trade in your silver for fake money? Once you play the paper game you ruin a nation. You are the problem. If we used gold and silver as money we sould not have these problems. I say buy and Never sell.

    Mystery Babylon Finally Revealed DeWayne Brothwell

  8. Larry Marc-Aurele says:

    I was not aware that APMEX had little silver to sell. They send me followups to buy more each week now that it’s low. My experience with APMEX is that when the price is low, they will drag their feet on making the deal to sell at the highest price. If demand is so high, why is the current price so low? It’s all about speculators playing the markets to artificially manipulate the prices to their own advantage. Silver will surely rise again.

  9. Dreama40 says:

    I bought 1500 ounces of Silver at $49/ounce, God i hope that wasnt a mistake hehe…

  10. numag1 says:

    Yes, “when” is right 😉

  11. celeriacmarcus says:

    Exactly. When silver hits $100 you’ll be glad you paid only $45.

  12. USpatriot88 says:

    keep it till after inflation

  13. ownerowner100 says:

    I bought all my 1200 ozs of silver eagles and maples from Peter S. firm, they never I had a issue with delivering them to me quickly. It never took more then 2 weeks to rec them,

  14. ownerowner100 says:

    i have 1200 ozs of silver eagles and maples and I don’t plan to sell them for 2-3 years, I can wait until the prices go up.

  15. Einsilverguy says:

    I agree. slow and steady average dollar investing is the best way to invest.

  16. USpatriot88 says:

    Nice score I am thinking hard on getting some eagle’s too even though they are so high over spot because they are getting hard to come by. Thanks for your support stay true and keep stacking!!

  17. dispersingweight says:

    good vid bro. picked up some eagles on the last 35 dip. bought from provident altho they dont have them till june 17th

  18. USpatriot88 says:

    Thanks for helping spred the info keep stacking!!

  19. USpatriot88 says:

    I like the way you think!!

  20. numag1 says:

    Some general advice to everyone. I wouldn’t wait around for silver prices to fall again before buying more. Since you know the fundamentals driving silver up have not changed, don’t try to time the market. That’s a game. Don’t play games with this market. The economy is in bad shape and will get worse, so keep stacking and don’t look back. When silver hits $100 an ounce you’ll be so glad you didn’t play games.

  21. Darthswan00 says:

    IMHO, they do a lot of advertising. If you even take a look at the ads, a lot of them are powered by google ads. They pop up everywhere, so everyone goes to them. IMHO, they are overpriced.

  22. USpatriot88 says:

    ok but why do you think silver is mostly backordered

  23. USpatriot88 says:

    will do thanks

  24. Darthswan00 says:

    Check out local coin shops. I’ve never purchased from Apmex. Check out Provident Metals. No wait.

  25. Darthswan00 says:

    check out provident metals.