Gold is in Phase 2, Silver still in Phase 1! | Silver Unboxing

Gold is in Phase 2, Silver still in Phase 1!

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SD Bullion

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7 Responses to Gold is in Phase 2, Silver still in Phase 1!

  1. Rowan A. Salter says:

    Lear capital fiscal racists!

  2. pipefitters1 says:

    What do you mean “short position”.

  3. fadisahyoun1 says:

    i love the logic.. i think you are reading things well.. keep stacking.. if they gang up on silver and price goes down with the next wave of economic slowdown, keep stacking.. physical shortage news are going to surface sooner or later..

  4. Andrew Ebisu says:

    Thanks for the info there. I wish I had your knowledge on this subject. Keep stacking!

  5. Andrew Ebisu says:

    No probs. My pleasure.  Thanks to Jsnip4

  6. Joe Snyder says:

    thanks for sharing this one. I really like some videos on silver. blessings. Joe

  7. 62636263c says:

    Big traders tend to move in unysin. If you can imagine watching a scool of fish and how they move in the open water, you will see that they move together, sometimes getting spooked together and making a fast move as if they are one entity. Large traders do this very same thing. If they get spooked, they all move to risk off at one time. We may never know what spooked them, but something did. Once they calm down, it’s back to risk on. The main reason it is so quick is due to auto trading programs