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Constitutional Junk Silver

I can not see paying 12-1800 for an AR that was 7-800 a couple months ago and I haven’t seen a box of ammo in wal mart in months either. I`d like to thank th…
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SD Bullion

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21 Responses to Constitutional Junk Silver

  1. Kyle Vangills says:

    Bullion and rounds will always be around pre 65 won’t II would get as much junk silver while it last

  2. Kyle Vangills says:

    If u have a smart phone down load AGcalc

  3. Ameri Gunn says:

    You are right , i don’t have all the bullion i want yet but when i get close I am going to start grabbing numismatics i think. I love the junk, just don’t think paying a premium similar to bullion is appropriate. Thanks for watching!

  4. blackbelt721 says:

    I have half in Bullion and half in Pre 65, Diversity is the key

  5. Erick Reynoso says:

    Go to They have a coin melt calculator.

  6. Ameri Gunn says:

    Thanks man. its good to hear that , sometimes a little re-inforcememnt helps a lot 🙂

  7. Ameri Gunn says:

    Nice – so i did pretty good then, thanks for the comment!

  8. Ameri Gunn says:

    I like it, Thanks!

  9. TheSilverlover999 says:

    That is the best way to acquire Silver compared in buying a Bullion coins.

  10. Wyliesmama says:

    Just multiply the dollar amount by .715…that’s easier.

  11. Wyliesmama says:

    $100 Face is approx. 71.5 oz

  12. Ameri Gunn says:

    Checking it out as we speak, thanks bro!

  13. SilverStackerX says:

    i agree with hotneo7, check out coinflation. They got the formula. nice coinange. Bang! Bang!

  14. Ameri Gunn says:

    🙂 i was just talking to my daughter , I think I am going to get 4 more rolls of the mercs only because it will fill that bag 🙂 That should be plenty of them?

  15. Ameri Gunn says:

    Nice, thanks hotneo7, didn’t even know there was an app , appreciate the heads up on that too, Thanks!

  16. Ameri Gunn says:

    Yes, All the ‘Junk’ i picked up is 1964 and earlier. I wont mess with 40% unless I find it in everyday circulation for the most part. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Ameri Gunn says:

    Awesome Ketch33, thank you!

  18. ketch33 says:

    Very wise. Dimes are .07, quarters .17, half .36, morgans/peace .77 of an ounce. Keep stackin and have fun!

  19. nickglass12 says:

    You mentioned Kennedy half dollars. I assume you know that 1964-68 halves were only 40% silver.

  20. hotneo7 says:

    Get the coinflation app on your iPhone to figure out what the spot for each coin.

  21. hotneo7 says:

    Nice Mercury pile. Man I need to find out if my flea market has 90% silver.