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Canadian junk purchase

Check out these Canadian silver dollars I got. I dig em.
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SD Bullion

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7 Responses to Canadian junk purchase

  1. papermoney54 says:

    Nice buy, keep stacking, i subbed

  2. Numismatic King says:

    The Quebec one you are holding may be a possible Numismatic player in the years to come because most of the Canadian Silver Dollars have the canoe on the background and the Quebec design was very limited. Great video liked and Subbed! Checkout my channel: Numismatic King for numismatic coins and info : )

  3. GSilvermani says:

    holly crap those are in great shape nice grab for sure DPJ,subbed:)

  4. Irishsilverstack says:

    wow they are flawless!!! nice

  5. dpj930 says:

    I bought them at Provident Metals. Would highly recommend them. Thanks for the tip on the numismatic value!

  6. TheSilverlover999 says:

    They have a numismatic value. take note those canadian silver dollars have fewer mintage than a peace dollar or a Morgan dollar even they have only 80% silver content. Great buy!

  7. yttst01 says:

    Beautiful coins!