Silver Bullion Bars: 39 Ounces | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion Bars: 39 Ounces

Monarch Precious Metals 1oz., 3oz., 5oz. and 10oz. bars. They were out of the 2’s. I received the 10oz. bar a couple of days earlier. Delivered extremely qui…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver Bullion Bars: 39 Ounces

  1. TheBlitzvideo says:

    Very cool.

  2. Photo314159 says:

    I like the soothing piano while watching. I love those little 1 oz bars, I’ve only got two now, but I want to fill a whole jar/bag with them.

  3. SCX427 says:

    Hey there. I commented on this video a few months ago before the big drop. I am 15 now with 100 oz ans 1 oz of gold!! How have you been? Have you sold any during the dip or are you still long term? Regards!

  4. Jimmy Maya says:

    @1pomii I don’t believe Target is currently selling silver bullion:)

  5. hiimronstuart1 says:

    i am 11 and i have about 24-25 ounces of silver so far and i can see a few other people invest silver my age too.

  6. candon1972 says:

    sweet nuggets!

  7. Jimmy Maya says:

    You’re right about the Monarch bars, they are kinda cool. Thanks for your comment. Have a great New year.

  8. LiberalsArePigs says:

    their website is screwed up silver bars are 2 bucks an ounce and they have to sell it at that price in their binding agreement!

  9. wbysniper says:

    we need more kids like you in this country. keep stackin’ buddy!

  10. Joe Garcia says:

    like this video, i just bought a few 1ozers from monarch they were out of everything else im hoping they get some more soon

  11. Jimmy Maya says:

    sounds like you’re off to a great start!! Good job!

  12. thomas henry says:

    Hey!!!! im 12 and i currently have 5.50 ounces of silver!!!!!! love silver!!!!!!!

  13. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    Hard to say? Silver is been up and down more than ever, great time to be holding on to your investments… I thinking Silver is going to stay around the $40.00 mark for this year maybe high $40.00s

  14. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks for the comment SGB! What’s up with silver? When do you think it’ll take off a little more?

  15. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    WOW, vary nice….

  16. lh2000 says:

    it seems like anything to do with silver, people just click like…. so many silver bugs

  17. Jimmy Maya says:

    How’s it going there weaponwarrior, thanks for your comment. I’m kinda digg’n the 5 oz bars in this batch. Take care!

  18. weaponwarrior . says:

    Hi i am 15 and love the video i already have 11.43 ounces of silver and still going. i am glad to see allot of people are looking into investing, thanks for the video!O by the way witch bars do you like the best? please respond, thanks!

  19. SCX427 says:

    Thanks! I only have 34 ounces right now, but I’m saving up to buy some more soon.I think I’m going to give Monarch a try with some 1 and 2 ounce bars…. 🙂

  20. Jimmy Maya says:

    I wish I was as smart at 14 as you apparently are. Thanks for the comment!

  21. SCX427 says:

    Thanks for sharing! Finaly a good unboxing video from Monarch. I’m 14 and the way I see it is – if it goes down, Great! Buy some more. If it goes up- Great! Unless you put all your eggs in one basket, you don’t have to worry about dropping it. IMO.

  22. Jimmy Maya says:

    I hope so too!!

  23. ZZmann35 says:

    I have a few my self, Very wise to get silver.. I hope it goes up again..

  24. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks for the comment, I’m missing the 2 ouncers, they were out when I ordered these and now with this crazy silver manipulation thing going on I’m kinda holding back a little.

  25. boochieboy814 says:

    Nice haul you got there sir. Monarch bars are my favorite,,,I have many myself. Very wise investment.

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