My Local coin shop is out of Junk Silver, Oh noes! Or is it? | Silver Unboxing

My Local coin shop is out of Junk Silver, Oh noes! Or is it?

Just a quick discussion on Local coin shops, and why they *may* not actually be out of 90% silver. Your mileage may vary.

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25 Responses to My Local coin shop is out of Junk Silver, Oh noes! Or is it?

  1. Doug Ward says:

    Just the existence of “pawn shops” confirms that merka is an idiocracy.

  2. Rod Van Mechelen says:

    This has been my experience, too, so I don’t try to buy junk silver locally when the price goes down but buy from big online dealers.

  3. HighDesertPioneer says:

    “Bet your bippy” lol nice. Thanks for the analysis.

  4. nick540 says:

    Great video Silverfish! And good points about them “hiding” the silver.

  5. silverfish VT says:

    Silverhunter, thats the thing, VERY low population density in Vermont. Really there arent any Pawn shops to speak of. Weird, I know. My LCS always charges me spot, but not the last time.

  6. SilverHunter2013 says:

    I been buying 90% silver from my local pawn shops for years usually at least 0.30-0.75 cent cheaper then spot on that day. Not bad i don’t think. These are the only places were i am able to buy 90% silver at under spot. not much BUT when you buy a lot the savings shows. I been getting mercury dimes at $1.90 when i guy 20 or more and i get Quarters for $5 flat, I bought some halfs today at $10 each bought 10 of them. I would suggest hitting some pawn shops and see if you can work out a deals.

  7. joslynn417 says:

    its kind of funny, one of the guys i buy 90% from, just told me last saturday, that he was going to stop selling the 90% to the gen.public and hold on to it for the time being.

  8. shaolin811 says:

    awesome thanks for telling me 😀 I always just assumed they came out around november or october ish. I guess I was a lil behind heh.

  9. silverfish VT says:

    I hear you. The BEST time to splurge on Semi Numis is shortly after they are released. This September, you will see the new Lunar series, koalas and kooks come out. I plan to buy some of each when they come out.

  10. shaolin811 says:

    just splurged today on semi numis 😀 hahah. Spring break is great and got some red envelopes that were waiting for me at home since Chinese new years. Yea I’m definitely trying my best to stay as close as spot as possible, but its that time of the year where I’m buying more semi numis while they’re still somewhat low.

  11. silverfish VT says:

    Shaolin, you have to find value based on what you have access to. I dont have time to dig for 90% bullion from unsearched rolls either. When we talk about going through the junk bucket, my LCS literally has a HUGE coffee can filled with 90% that he *generally* sells me for spot. I say that, because yesterday, I had to pay a premium, and I wasnt all that happy about it. I dont buy much from Ebay because the prices are higher. Stay as close to spot as you can, and splurge on semi numis here and

  12. shaolin811 says:

    I don’t really have the time to be digging for junk 90% silver from unsearched rolls : I’m too busy, and if i were to buy from ebay or gainesville or any bullion dealer for junk silver, they charge a premium very close to silver eagles. Should I just buy 100 mercury dimes as close as i can to spot and just stop at that ?
    What do you think ? Or got any suggestions on what I should do ?

  13. Adam J says:

    Thanks for the video. I experienced this with the 90% last week. I called the LCS I prefer in my area last week to place an order for pick up to lock in a price. I asked to put a couple dollars face on as well and they said they were completely out. When I went in a few hours later to pick up, the front clerk told me there was some and she could find it for me 🙂

  14. silverfish VT says:

    I normally get spot for 90% silver. I dont always buy from them, but 10% of the time, if I have some cash, I like to swing over on my lunch break. Ive gotten better deals in the past, than online.

  15. Jim L says:

    This happened to me this afternoon.I went to my LCS and ask to look at their 90%. He said he was completely out and to check back next week.

  16. kcrone1 says:

    Why on earth are you buying from LCD’s and/or pawn shops?

  17. silverfish VT says:

    I like the idea of using a dummy safe, out in the open in your bedroom, with a few wheat pennies, maybe some clad bars, basically worthless stuff. Secure your actual stack, in a good hiding spot in your home. The rest depends on the size of your stack, I want to be careful about giving too much away, if you want to PM me, I will give you more information

  18. silverfish VT says:

    Nope, but like my buddy Greg Williams said, “youre chances of eating are better with it, than without it”

  19. whoyohoodat says:

    Cant eat silver

  20. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    Hey Silverfish VT

    could you do a review on storing your bullion in a safe? i want to know what is the “right” safe to buy and where and how to store it.

  21. silverfish VT says:

    Yeah, beware of those slicks, lol, less silver, and there will never be a Numismatic premium. Those coins need to be put out of their misery by the smelter. I just went to my LCS, and literally cleaned out the junk bucket, but paid a premium. They are now officially out of stock.

  22. silverfish VT says:

    wow, I just paid the largest premium for junk coins, that I ever have, basically a take it or leave it proposition. 23X face. All of their bullion was cleaned out, Ive never seen that before.

  23. EQ Silver says:

    And now I know they always have 90% silver!!! By the way I learned a new word in regards to 90% silver coins or an coins for that matter that are very worn down. The old guys at the LCS told me that they are called “slicks” Thought you would like to know.

  24. EQ Silver says:

    Then they told me on the side to come back on Sat (the next day) and explained the whole thing.  So I always call so they know I’m coming. It is very convenient and establishes a relationship.

  25. EQ Silver says:

    Great topic…Yes my local coin shop pulled some of there 90% coins because of so called “vultures” who want everything…according to them. I was told to CALL FIRST so that they know a small timer like myself can get in on the action. They have the coinage but sometimes pull back to have for the rest of us silver stackers. I like the fact that they would hold some so that others can take advantage of the dips. I did not know that they had this practice so when I went one time I was floored.