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Here is the situation over at goldmart…WATCH THIS BEFORE CLICKING ANYTHING!!!

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  1. gettingreadyinAR says:

    Yes, he’s one hell of an actor. Remember the crying episodes years ago? jsnip4 just put out a vid that says Beck is directly implicating MRS OBAMA in the “alleged” conspiracy. Kind of a dangerous thing to do to a woman with a husband that compiles kill lists on a routine basis. Like I said, we’ll see. Who knows who’s behind Beck? He’s a Mormon who no doubt is a little peeved over the election results. My gut is telling me something too. Things are spiraling.

  2. Barnone11970 says:

    I agree, but his voice sounds very determined. My gut says he does know something…. Or, he is one hell of an actor..

  3. gettingreadyinAR says:

    Beck has been so flakey in the past that I just don’t know what to think. I watched his video. He better be able to back up his bullshit this time or he is done. We’ll see.

  4. Barnone11970 says:

    And all the sudden Glenn beck says he has proof that the Boston Marathon was an inside job and is giving till monday for the president to admit it…. This is going to get real, real fast.

  5. gettingreadyinAR says:

    No shortages? Tell that to the Chinese Gold Exchange: zerohedge(dot)com/news/2013-04-19/chinese-gold-exchange-sold-out-begins-importing-switzerland

    Does anyone but me see the political significance of China making this announcement on a friday? Will there be runs on other exchanges come monday? Hope not, cause they don’t have it either.

  6. Brian TheLog says:

    damn hackers 

  7. Barnone11970 says:

    so far.

  8. eddie bagodonuts says:

    I got the email silver delayed but gold is not

  9. Barnone11970 says:

    I never said it did, I said it could. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with giving alternative possibilities. I never said it WAS… And it is not impossible. Not everything is done for necessity. Some people just do it for fun. Example… I am a karaoke DJ and had at one point 7 karaoke books listing all the songs that I have. 4 of them were stolen. Why? They were of no use to anyone else. They did it just because they could. People can do the same thing with viruses and hacks.

  10. Barnone11970 says:

    Yeah, just got that email 🙂

  11. SilverStakcer says:

    We apologize for the delays and are sympathetic toward our customers, as we too are experiencing the same delays . . . and we appreciate your understanding.


  12. SilverStakcer says:

    We are sorry about the inventory gap, but we too are experiencing delays in the supply chain from distribution. These same delays from mint distribution have been prevalent throughout the industry and are the predominant reason for the rise in premiums on silver bullion products.

  13. SilverStakcer says:

    Currently we have pallets of 2013 Silver Eagles and 2013 Silver Maples that are en route to us now, paid for and scheduled to ship from distribution. We also have tens of thousands of ounces of other private silver bullion products en route to us, again paid for and scheduled to ship to us.

  14. SilverStakcer says:

    At the time of many orders, products were in stock and ready to ship, which at the time was the truth as we had product in-house, en route, as well as paid orders with distributors waiting for their production, delivery and shipment.

  15. SilverStakcer says:

    Right now there is a major production and supply problem for silver bullion at the U.S. and Royal Canadian mints as well as many of the private mints we distribute silver products for. These delays have created inventory gaps which have led us to adjust the status of many silver bullion products as being delayed or out of stock.

  16. SilverStakcer says:

    For this reason, we clearly post our “typical” processing times throughout our website. We use the word “typical” for a reason because sometimes atypical situations like the one we are currently experiencing arise.

  17. SilverStakcer says:

    Gold Mart just sent me a letter Greetings

    We are writing to inform you that currently we are experiencing some delays in processing most silver bullion orders due to the recent surge of volume and production issues from the top-down.

    There currently are no delays for gold bullion products but some minor delays as our shipping department is backed up and we are working hard to get back to our standard processing times.

  18. ALulzyApprentice says:

    This has nothing to do with CISPA. The information that the gov’t will get will come straight from the third party. There is no need to hack anything because they would get info straight from the source. This form of hack often involves a computer that is already compromised. It can be used in to phish or in conjunction with cross site scripting.

  19. Barnone11970 says:

    De nada 😉

  20. Barnone11970 says:

    That should tell you what is going on with precious metals…

  21. SilverStakcer says:

    Yeah…..I was on hold for an hour a few days ago. CRAZY busy

  22. Alberto Soto says:

    Gracias brother..

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