Hand Poured Silver Bars 1080HD | Silver Unboxing

Hand Poured Silver Bars 1080HD

My new 5oz Scottsdale silver poured bar and 10oz Perth Mint poured bars! 🙂
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Hand Poured Silver Bars 1080HD

  1. Joseph Lieberman says:

    Get10kMonthlydotcom  this guy has a video called “wealth creation mint” this is the one

  2. Joseph Lieberman says:

    I watched one video where a big refining company had a kind of armoured scale with a bar mold sitting on top ,, and a big digital readout to the side,, he used a carbon rod to ease the flow into the mold at about chest height, while his asistant carefuly tilted and poured,, backing off as they got nearer to exact weight,,,,

  3. MisterSilverMonster says:

    Thanks for sharing. Amazing perth bars.

  4. nicu s says:

    great video… even greater bars…the light is funny…

  5. Disinf3ctant says:

    I live next to the Perth Mint. Hell yeah baby, I walk in and buy a 1kg version of those bars every time I have enough cash. Ugliest bars ever but I love not having to care about ruining the finish cause the finish is already pretty damn bad haha.

  6. Brian TheLog says:

    check out my channel and sub!

  7. Brian TheLog says:

    awesome bars I want some lol

  8. King Bee says:

    I have to agree the hand poured bars have a better touch than the mass produced bars. I thought they were all hand poured though, but I guess a different technique is used for the mass produced bars that all look identical. Do you know or does anyone know how the mass produced identical bars are poured?

  9. AntiSecure says:

    Hand pours look so much better than every other bullion I think.

  10. canadiansilvervein says:

    Great vids man, been waiting for the Perth and academy bars to be restocked from precious metals house although they take a long time to ship IMO. Payment received jan 27 still haven’t been shipped…. Keep stacking you have been subbed

  11. lanceoa says:

    those are beauts! if the ouncers are clackers, the 5s are clunkers!

  12. p154831 says:

    nice, i myself made a first order from scottsdale for some handpoured bars

  13. rocky315w says:

    The one ouncers are called clackers by the way , and they are great but your not realy feeling the wealth while you have those gloves on, let that cool hunk on prosperity be felt on the flesh. Nice video thanks Rocky

  14. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice bars, I only have a 1 gram bar so far 🙁

  15. RyanB0011 says:

    Oh trust me I do. 🙂 But for the purpose of my video my hands are pretty rough and are not to visually appealing and would be distracting when showing off my silver. :)

  16. Silver Stack says:

    Thanks for sharing

  17. hotneo7 says:

    hand poured bars don’t need gloves, the finish doesn’t show fingerprints. you can molest it to your heart’s content.

  18. Irishsilverstack says:


  19. evilintheeast says:

    I dig them bars,

  20. sidkings says:

    I’ve been looking 1kg perth mint bars here in the UK for ages. I think its the nicest looking silver bar for sure. I make do with the hand poured Umicore bar. nice one.

  21. RyanB0011 says:

    As a Canadian I had to buy mine from preciousmetalhouse. Otherwise you will probably have to find them on eBay. They are quite hard to get a hold of in Canada that’s for sure.

  22. samtheman773 says:

    where can you get the perth mint b ars?

  23. DieRunning1 says:

    nice work! I think I’ll put the PM 10oz on my list for next purchase

  24. beachbumsocal says:

    Sweet bars! Love the old pours (Perth Mint)!

  25. HiddenTreasureHunter says:

    wow!! they look great!