Disapointing Silver Pt2 (HD) | Silver Unboxing

Disapointing Silver Pt2 (HD)

Prices for Today: Silver: .99 Gold: 89.00 Platinum: 77 Palladium: 7 I love to Barter!!! Im open for ANY TRADES ProvidentMetals took 3 weeks for s…
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25 Responses to Disapointing Silver Pt2 (HD)

  1. 119057 says:

    Maybe someone suggested it already, but it looks to me like the commemorative postage stamps were pewter. It should still say what metal it is on the back. I have a stack of pewter medallions and they all say what metal they are. I would drop/roll test them carefully to listen for the classic bell sound if it was silver. I agree with Greg that the date on anything, coin or medallion should be the date it was minted.

  2. Greg Hensley says:

    I also wanted to say, I think it should be illegal to print any year except the present year on any coin. Isn’t that counterfeit? If you print Bills your could goto jail. Shouldn’t it be the same for making old coins?

  3. Greg Hensley says:

    Damn your right. Looks terrible. That’s why I only collect and buy Bars. – NO Rounds. It seems they do better with their Bars. I do collect Coins just Not Rounds. GSM has only 1 bar that I found. Are there any more from them?

  4. 2001papasito says:

    Looks like Golden state mint is putting out the same kind of quality as SBSS , the problem is too many people are willing to accept crap and so why should they try harder to make quality ..I would trade straight up for oz for oz your Merc’s ..Can give you three Feedom Girls or three slabbed 2012 Maples…cheer’s brother

  5. Dave Cruise says:

    I think the coin looks very unprofessional. Too many flaws and there are enough Indian head coins to choose from that look better! Its too bad too because the Indiana head design with with full head dress is a great design. Its uniquely historical to North America and a fantastic idea.

  6. Dave Cruise says:

    if you had money they sold 220 coins at that auction had i known they were going to go so cheap i would have brought 5k with me not 500 bucks

  7. Dave Cruise says:

    Normally i would agree with you on the acquisition of metals, but because there are so many places to get coins if you educate yourself on the matter often you can get coins with numismatic value for almost same price as bullion why not spend a little time in the matter just to see if you can find deals on coins. For example I was at an auction not long ago after furniture but they sold coins and jewels and i got some really good deals on vg & g 1870’s Morgan dollars. at barely above spot.

  8. javamanV3 says:

    Before you are too hard on GSM listen … That is a coin modeled on the q/2 eagle gold coin fom r the early 20th century. It is called an incuse indian because it is the only incuse coin ever made by the us mint. incuse means there is no rim and the entire design in in the coin rather thn being pressed. Not GSM design, rather a copy of a US Mint design. one of my wifes favorites – it is a matter of taste – not a matter to tear down an entire mints work!

  9. adamcook717 says:

    nvm that is for proof ones, did not read before i jumped to conclusion they are asking 35.74 cdn for regular ones.

  10. adamcook717 says:

    Coincidence the place where I usually get my silver is now carrying the coins or whatever that is just down from your place with a really hefty premium on them. $47.74

  11. SilverSanctum says:

    Rounds = scraps, no worries :) . BTW, I’ve done a vid about this round. It’s incuse style, meaning stamped or punched. So, instead of raised relief like we normally see, we get this effect. Have a lil bit of fun: polish the heck out of it to make the surface mirror-like. It’s easy to do on incuse because there are no obstacles like on regular raised design. Don’t expect proof-like quality though, cause their blanks have uneven surface, unnoticeable when still in matte, but pops when shiny.

  12. jasper mea says:

    *with the bar with money

  13. jasper mea says:

    Could I buy the dimes with please

  14. Jose Aparicio says:

    Oh ok well good luck bro… Hope it’s silver ….

  15. dougwaste says:

    Gary, I will trade you either a debt and debt or a trivium for three eagles

  16. lowpross11 says:

    Be careful of the Franklin Mint stuff. I have heard a lot of negative stuff with respect to the quality & authenticity of their products.
    Silver Sheild coin looks cool. Thanks for showing it off !

  17. lowpross11 says:

    I agree. Numismatic coins are different though. But bullion is bullion. It’s all about the purity & weight. I could care less what they look like, especially a generic round. As far as that Indian head, I think they were trying to replicate the old school look. I have some early 1900 examples of the Indian Head in gold, and they do look a bit weird. Like they were minted using a “new process”. Doesn’t seem to work well with a new silver blank either.

  18. Jose Aparicio says:

    The best way you can test those post stamps are to use a neodymium magnet, thats one of my favorite way of testing silver, good luck …. keep stacking

  19. Gary Cullen says:

    Will trade you 3 brand new 2006 ASE for your SBSS, send me a message if you want to

  20. igoldsilverplatinum says:

    Sorry about the bad surprises :/

  21. marvelousmarv89 says:

    It seems like sbss sells what they don’t have in stock and uses the money to buy the stock that’s why there’s always such a long wait. That’s not the way to run a business at all. But I do like their rounds

  22. marvelousmarv89 says:

    Silvertowne and moderncoinmart is where it’s at

  23. marvelousmarv89 says:

    I had some copper rounds with the Indian head on it and it looked just like your silver ones, maybe that’s just how they make them

  24. ThirdProverb says:

    Im still waiting over a month for my SBSS trivium coins. I had to write many emails before I got an answer. But the coins do look sweet.

  25. epohnopulse says:

    You get too caught up in the aesthetics of a coin. If you are going to worry about how it looks, get into coin collecting. You should be into it for the silver content for investment. It always perplexes me why silver collectors complain about the way their silver looks.

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