1oz 999.9 Gold Pamp Suisse bar (delivery) | Silver Unboxing

1oz 999.9 Gold Pamp Suisse bar (delivery)

1oz 999.9 Gold Pamp Suisse bar (delivery)

Enjoy the video, I’m excited about this because I’ve never owned a Pamp Suisse item before. Now I can say I have and did. I bought this 1oz gold bar back whe…
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24 Responses to 1oz 999.9 Gold Pamp Suisse bar (delivery)

  1. Richard Layman says:

    JMbullion or scottsdalesilver are great!

  2. Colin Fraser says:

    Hmmm, cheese.luv it.

  3. AmRtIn M says:

    at first i thought that was one big chunk of cheese sitting in front of you 🙂

  4. Morgan Overstreet says:

    I’m confused for the reason that the value of gold is $1400 an ounce but you can buy this foe $30?

  5. Kahlian Hoberts says:

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  6. TalkStraightUp says:


  7. cuzins9 says:

    i would start worrying if i was you, fake pamp suisse gold bars this size are turning up everywhere from n.y to london. who did you buy it from ?

  8. MrJPinVA says:

    I noticed you promote Gainsville coin but your box said apmex, I think apmex is way better than anyone else for fairness on price

  9. Human4873 says:

    actually i’ve seen a video of a small bar full of tungsten that had a thin layer of gold wrapped around it as if it was two layers of silver foil

    I’m sure it wasn’t hollowed out with a drill , they must have used a new technique

    If I find the vid i’ll post the link for you

  10. Vulcan Ire says:

    That’s a problem mainly with larger bars like 10 oz or kilo bars or anything in hundreds of ounces. It’s harder to hollow out a 1 oz bar and not as economical for counterfeiters so there’s less incentive. I like bars over coins but coins has an advantage of being harder to fake.

  11. Vulcan Ire says:

    You must not know much about gold then. It’s in a tamper proof package by a reputable company, and it’s not hard to tell if gold is real or not just by looking at it because real gold has a unique luster.

  12. Human4873 says:

    did you check your bars for tungsten ?

  13. ZombiePrep236 says:

    Hi i was on ebay and a guy has 18 mini glasses of gold. they are in no liquid and he is asking 20.00$ for it. I know gold is high in value but it sounds a little too good to be true. What do you think?

  14. ag1997repkeeper says:

    its fake

  15. niranjan bandopaddhya says:

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  16. EpicRV says:

    Bet you are glad you bought that bar! Good purchase!

  17. Juxtapositronic says:

    I have ordered from Gainesville Coins a few times now. It takes a few weeks to get your order and they aren’t always friendly, but their prices are the best or close to it, their merchandise isn’t bullshit (at least the coins and silver I’ve bought, can’t speak on heavier gold bars) and above all their website is really damned easy.

    I’ve also placed a recent order with Texas Precious Metals which is soon to arrive, and it shipped faster than Gainesville Coins did so we’ll soon see 😉

  18. EpicRV says:

    Very cool! I am thinking about getting that bar myself — the premium is not as much as I thought.

  19. marvelousmarv89 says:

    subscribe, comment and like CollectingSilver Channel to enter his silver and gold giveaway. hes a really cool guy. hes giving away 6 oz’s of gold and 40 oz’s in total to several lucky winners. he needs 1000 subscribers, just search for his video title “biggest giveaway in youtube history silver and gold”… like this comment so everyone can see.

  20. cvenzke410 says:

    Yes, I place that I highly trust to tell anyone about is Gainsville Coins. Their premiums are fair and I haven’t had a single problem to date with a order.

  21. migimnasio casero says:

    does anybody know a good web site where i can buy gold and silver?

  22. silver john says:

    i think 5 million people should buy 100oz silver each year

  23. Mazz Miaaz says:

    Loving the knife <3