10oz APMEX Silver Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

10oz APMEX Silver Unboxing

Starting off 2013 with some silver! Big variety! American! Canadian! Austrian! Chinese! Fijian! Rwandan!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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20 Responses to 10oz APMEX Silver Unboxing

  1. brucebannerman says:

    I like the assortment- I am thinking of getting one of each for the year- it looks like you used apmex- good deal.

  2. sternumkick says:

    Good video, glad to see someone who isnt afraid to touch them. I Love holding Silver.

  3. CrushingSteve says:

    Replied via messages 🙂

  4. OntarioDiggers says:

    Nice haul, I was thinking about placing an order with them and was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your experience with them. Mainly I was wondering if you had to pay any duty, I would imagine not but I just wanted to make sure before I order. Also how was the shipping time? I wasnt happy with silvergoldbull as it took over 3 weeks to get my order after placing it. Happy stacking

  5. greg williams says:

    Great additions – i love those morgans 🙂

  6. lanceoa says:

    Yep, I saw those snakes.. they’re beautiful. Love the unique design but don’t love RCMs premiums.

  7. CrushingSteve says:

    Haha, I’ve seen a few of his, yes. Definitely impressive!

  8. rocky315w says:

    they are merely to lay at the feet of my master Goldenpharaoh . I guess you,ve seem his gold videos.

  9. CrushingSteve says:

    Thanks Rocky. If it means anything, I’m envious of all the dimes you come across!

  10. CrushingSteve says:

    Yeah… Thanks for the inspiration. 😛 It actually saves a ton of time uploading a video when it’s in HD. This particular one took about two hours to put up. Anyways I have another package from the RCM coming on/about the 20th. You should check it out… Brand new Year of the Snake coins that will be released on the 15th so I’ll be one of the first to get them!

  11. CrushingSteve says:

    Thanks! I love silver in the mail!

  12. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Really nice start to 2013!!!

  13. rocky315w says:

    Great start, will you guys leave some for the rest of us. Very nice coin selection. the pandas are always nice and the morgans are a true classic. thanks for the view and hope there are a few left to fill my order. Rocky

  14. lanceoa says:

    Haha.. hey, that intro looks familiar? Great job filming Steve and good work combining orders to defray costs.

  15. EpicRV says:

    Great start to the new year! Love the way you speed through the unboxing and get to the good stuff!!!

  16. silverfish VT says:

    Very nice Steve, great variety! Nice start to the year.

  17. CrushingSteve says:

    Nope I haven’t. I’ve been sticking to APMEX and local places. I’m going to be switching APMEX for silvergoldbull though. As I’m Canadian it’s going to be a whole heck of a lot cheaper for me on a couple levels 🙂

  18. mcrfuse says:

    Oh okay and do you ever shop at Provident metals or Monarch?

  19. CrushingSteve says:

    How you do it depends on the program you use. I just have iMovie and it’s as easy as selecting the clip you want and the setting you want to apply to it.

  20. mcrfuse says:

    How do you speed up a video like that?