Unboxing Korean Silver Coins | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing Korean Silver Coins

Some Korean silver commemorative coins that I’ve wanted to buy to complete a coin album. You also see a pair of medals commemorating the 20th anniversary of …
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SD Bullion

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3 Responses to Unboxing Korean Silver Coins

  1. mlovmo says:

    I bought them from an online Korean retailer (sujipbank. c o m).
    This is the cheapest place (in my experience) to buy these silver proof commemoratives that the Bank of Korea and KOMSCO are producing nowadays. Ebay sells that Conservation Congress coin for 100 bucks, but Sujipbank sells it for 79,000 Won (about 75 bucks).

    The album is a Dansco World Coin Library 1 and 1/4 inch album with each page doubled to accomodate T-size and H-size Air-tites. It has both 37mm and 44mm pages.

  2. Double66s says:

    Very interesting coins, thanks for sharing!

  3. josephiking says:

    Nice! Where did you buy those?