Stock Market Nirvana while Gold/Silver turn Bullish. It’s too easy! 7/25/13 update | Silver Unboxing

Stock Market Nirvana while Gold/Silver turn Bullish. It’s too easy! 7/25/13 update Dow/S&P: BULL Gold/Silver: BULL Miners: Turning Bullish.
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24 Responses to Stock Market Nirvana while Gold/Silver turn Bullish. It’s too easy! 7/25/13 update

  1. IWashMyOwnBrain says:

    Well even if you ” don’t get it” you can still make money in the stock market at this time as it will continue to go up. cheers

  2. JohnnyBGood11 says:

    Gold is security and the dollar is not backed up by the US military,..US dollar IS debt. taper = dollar collapse. The Dollar is NOT an assset. it is a liability. The fed printing presses are at maximum not because they are buying bad mortgages, but because if they let off the gas even slightly the banking system would collapse.

  3. IWashMyOwnBrain says:

    Money is security…the US dollar is backed by the US military.

  4. JohnnyBGood11 says:

    You forget that the United States is the biggest DEBTOR nation in the history of the World, with a shrinking economy that does not manufacture as much as they use too,..currently the US has been making more service employees like bartenders, the US leads the world in that now too..dont forget that we export inflation to other countries by printing more paper dollars backed by nothing…I bet you believe that the inflation of less than 2% is real. gas in 2008 1.79 today 3.62 that dont count

  5. IWashMyOwnBrain says:

    The only place to put your money is in businesses and that’s the stock market… bonds…no real estate…no your mattress…no commodities like gold are better than most but cant adapt like businesses. If a manufacturer who buys gold is using less because he is selling less he buys less gold lays off employees and still makes a profit.

  6. IWashMyOwnBrain says:

    The stock market is business and businesses are still the best investments because they are able to adapt to changing economic conditions

  7. IWashMyOwnBrain says:

    The US economy is still the largest in the world by far…so nobody tells the US what to do…..oh yeah the military also….lol.

  8. Chris Muhtherfuhcker says:

    Wouldn’t it be weird if the high frequency trading was injecting money into the market somehow on a net basis. Like a covert QE? They could be laundering the money in there thru GS etc.

    I remember hearing a while back that the high frequency trading was actually propping up markets and keeping them going somehow in some strange way they didn’t understand. There was that one “pulse” they found going thru the market too.

  9. Leon Sands says:

    Thanks for the videos. I enjoy watching you, you are entertaining. I hope you can figure out in time when the situation changes because once it becomes obvious then it will be too late.

  10. regacctuse says:

    what i can see the point is that, printing money cannot help the economic, because all the money just flow to the stock market to speculate, no one want to run a business, invest money to run a factory, BECAUSE they are easy money in the stock market !! why I need to struggle in running a poor business, it is no point,
    it means the real economy will not recover never , ever in this situation

  11. Luis Matos says:

    What ticker u buy for silver and gold??

  12. jeffuehrer says:

    We don’t play a rigged game we keep it solid with physical.

  13. salomoneh says:

    Im all in but dont regret it because I bought numismatics. Anyways, Im all in. I dont believe in holding paper dollars or futures contracts because you dont know when they will pull the plug on the dollar. It is my belief that holding paper is like holding monopoly money.

  14. JohnnyBGood11 says:

    I dont get it,..The US is never going to pay back this 16+ trillion dollar debt yet the US sitll gets loans from the FED why are not other countries saying something about this Debt problem the US has? are they afriad we are going to Drone strike them if they say something???

  15. kcrone1 says:

    Agreed, I see this as well.

  16. JohnnyBGood11 says:

    Do you think that is why the Fed got rid of M3 so the people and the rest of the world (our creditors) dont know how much money the Fed is really printing?

  17. dreamstorm says:

    It’s REALLY trying to push past it though, like pressure trying to burst the cork –> look at how it’s fighting like a maniac at the 50 DMA, and recovered pretty much all of its intraday losses today (7/26) by the close. Silver & the other metals are not telling the same story, retaining their significant losses. So, is gold the forerunner for the others rising up, or are they the omen for gold to follow suit downwards? It’s four against one. Weird…

  18. kcrone1 says:

    Failed break of upper channel, Wave C downward should take us to about $1000-$1100 gold, and then reevaluate from that level.

  19. dreamstorm says:

    I know your strategy Karl, and understand the advantages, I just tend to think it’s only available for those who’ve managed to amass serious resources in the tens of thousands of $’s, hundreds of thousands, or became self-made millionaires. Most have only hundreds or a few thousand saved, not enough to effectively diversify. I’m not saying I’m one of those, it’s just my methodology is more..dry-powdered and unorthodox compared to median. Each should tailor to their situation and personality

  20. bullorbearreport says:

    That’s the difference between you and me. I DO NOT recommend anyone trade the metals moves for waves or retracements. We hold a diversified portfolio with Gold & Silver being a percentage of those holdings. On pull backs we keep building that position. Eventually we will reach our end point exit which is obviously not now. Patience and diversification is the key. Good luck.

  21. dreamstorm says:

    ..It’s just that the current retrace (bounce) looks deceiving and tricky because of it’s structure containing baby bull flags. Like baby bull flags inside a large bear flag. I did not see this formation during the bounces that followed each of the previous two large smackdowns.. they looked a bit more rounded and weak.

  22. dreamstorm says:

    Yes I’m aware of the corrective 4th wave up being in process right now, inside of primary C wave down (theory) I hope you’re correct and resumption of downtrend continues with 5th wave down because I re-shorted on this retrace with a stop, lol. I placed a risk-controlled bet because the combo of broad downward trend momentum, overhead resistance, and a .618 fib retracement point giving gold trouble right now is indicative of it having much work to do before a trend reversal can even be confirmed

  23. Joe Shmoe says:

    Hi K. How sure are you about this? I have been comparing gold to commodities in general and I see it fair priced at $500 or less. I know that sounds crazy, but historical and present comparisons say exactly this. Gold/Silver come out of the ground same ore, same time, same process, same cost, producing 10 to 1 silver gold. If silv truly costs $20 to produce, then gold TRULY costs $200. Something is rigged. Silver gold? IDK. Both metals are processed together at the same time/process/cost, weird

  24. MuikJuaggre says:

    I still feel like all this liquidity COULD simply evaporate. I think it would take a significant event to do it, but the reality of the situation is that the vast majority of these assets are purely virtual in nature.