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Numismatic Junk Silver

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  1. Ameri Gunn says:

    10 4, thanks man , i appreciate it !

  2. SilverCoinNews says:

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  3. Aerindale says:

    S = San Francisco mint, D = Denver mint, no mint mark = Philadelphia mint

  4. Ameri Gunn says:

    I will, I was a little hesitant at first but I think i`m getting more comfortable with the junk stuff and there are a lot of designs I don’t have so for the price you cant really beat it. Its like cheap fun 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  5. TheSilverlover999 says:

    Junk Silver are the best. better get some peace dollars and half dollars franklin. those are nice.

  6. hotneo7 says:

    Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Denver.
    Numismatic is a collector’s coin emphasis on rarity and quality and can be professionally graded by a third party.

  7. prikasky says:

    what does numismatic mean?