#3 Silver: Bullion coins unboxing. HD 1080p | Silver Unboxing

#3 Silver: Bullion coins unboxing. HD 1080p

Alot of silver here, and you should know by now im a sucker for perth mint stuff. =) Keep stacking, the silver is on sale. Close up on Britannia http://youtu…

SD Bullion

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4 Responses to #3 Silver: Bullion coins unboxing. HD 1080p

  1. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    I come from sweden, i order this from estonia. Because of the weight of the package i think the mark it like that. And so the need to be careful with how they handle the package. 

  2. KebapForTheWorld says:

    Where do you come from?
    ( Because of this ‘Vorsicht Glas’)  😉

  3. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    Hi thanks, yea im loading alot, most of my savings is going on silver at the moment. Britannia’s looks great. i clip will upload in 20min.

    stay safe, cyas and thanks for watching

  4. FrugalLife says:

    Nice haul.. time to load up the boat

    I love the chunky 10 ounce coins.. Hope the Britannia’s were ok