Unpackaging 04 15 13 Goldmart, stack the smack | Silver Unboxing

Unpackaging 04 15 13 Goldmart, stack the smack

Unpackaging from Goldmart and a few ramblings on stacking the smack.

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Unpackaging 04 15 13 Goldmart, stack the smack

  1. mkmstillstackin says:

    Ha Ha….believe it or not, I don’t know where the phrase originated from, exactly. I guess it just sorta seeped into my subconscious via osmosis. Lol! but, In all seriousness, I think the only other You tuber I’ve ever heard utter the phrase is BrotherJohnF….. that said, indeed, you are exactly correct, the “smack” refers to the “smackdown”, ie, artificial sell-offs spurred by the paper pushers. glad you liked the silver, and I very much appreciate you watching. 😉

  2. drutter says:

    A YouTube channel that used to be about silver mentioned the “dumb” phrase “stack the smack” today. I hadn’t heard of it before so I did a search, and this is the only silver-related video that came up. It’s from 3 weeks ago, but the YouTuber in question was claiming the phrase was in effect for years. Funny that I’ve never heard it! If possible, could you let me know where the phrase comes from?
    If “smack” refers to smackdown, I guess I understand the meaning.
    Nice looking silver by the way 🙂

  3. mkmstillstackin says:

    Wow 100 Pandas is a tremendous order papasito! Bummer though that they’ve decided to delay you 3 weeks, esp. after you placed your order. sounds like they’re really starting to struggle with fulfillment issues. I hope 3 weeks turns out to be an estimate on the high end.

  4. 2001papasito says:

    Thanks for the tip bro , picked up 100 pandas right after your vid but now their saying there’s a delay of 3 weeks …Of coarse they tell me that after I paid right…Keep stacking …cheer’s

  5. mkmstillstackin says:

    Congrats!, MCed D! Nothing like getting new pandas. they’re such an awesome coin. can’t wait to watch your video. thanks for keeping me updated.

  6. mkmstillstackin says:

    Thank You, bob! I genuinely like these coins a lot.

  7. bobthebuilder914 says:

    Sweet Panda’s.

  8. mkmstillstackin says:

    Thanks, Gsilver. Yes, indeed. this is a fire sale. will no doubt be holding fast!

  9. mkmstillstackin says:

    thanks lance. oh, no doubt. they’re gonna regret dropping the price this low when we’re done with them 😉

  10. mkmstillstackin says:

    thanks Bigstack.. I really love these pandas. can’t get enough of em. I most certainly made a buy yesterday. like you….picked up a Monarch metal special….generic rounds, baby! about 25.7/oz all told.

  11. Bigstackmcgee says:

    Great unboxing MKM. Can’t wait to get mine (paid by check). Did you pick up anything today?

  12. lanceoa says:

    solid picks! let break these retailers with the low spot!

  13. GSilvermani says:

    nice panda pickup HOLD FAST everyone

  14. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Not at all, thank you for sharing MKM!

  15. mkmstillstackin says:

    Thanks Brian, really appreciate it, man. indeed, I am stacking on this sale, like no tomorrow.

  16. Brian TheLog says:

    Great stuff man hope you take advantage of the the silver/gold drop!!

  17. mkmstillstackin says:

    sweet! glad you got em! I just saw your video posted. I’m headed over there right now. thanks for watching mine.

  18. mkmstillstackin says:

    Yeah, they should be getting back to you, soon. they were probably very preoccupied today with orders flooding in from everyone trying to stack the smack. I would give it until tomorrow, and then if you don’t here from them, i’d give em a call. just my 2 cents, 2naterade, and thanks a lot for watching.

  19. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Really Digging the pandas! I’ll either post my unboxing tonight or tomorrow. I’m glad you were able to take advantage of that special. We had to have ordered the same day because I also received mine today.

  20. mkmstillstackin says:

    Aaaw dratz, man. if you’re like me, those deliveries can be frustrating. but, hey, at least you know it safely arrived, eh? Yeah, most definitely, glad to assist you in getting a feel for what it’ll be like. believe me, these are some fun coins to look at. no doubt, you’ll be very happy with them. thanks, man.

  21. 2naterade8 says:

    Still no word from goldmart yet on my cracked airtites. Hopefully they get back to me tomorrow.

  22. 2naterade8 says:

    My 2012 Pandas from goldmart got delivered today but I wasn’t able to sign for it so I have to wait to open mine! I’m glad I could live through you until I can pick mine up from the post office.

  23. mkmstillstackin says:

    It’ll be sweet when you get those, MCed D. maybe do us a video when they arrive? 😉 btw, I got your receipt, thanks a lot.

  24. mkmstillstackin says:

    thanks a lot, silverhunter, indeed spreading them out, one of the simplest ways to limit that downside risk.

  25. mkmstillstackin says:

    thanks tpntch. I’m really happy I ordered them. Oh and Yes, the 5oz ATB Gettysburg is a stellar coin. I so wish I had gotten into all the ATBs from the start. the 2010’s are almost double spot now. at one point today, I actually considered ordering them w/ this selloff, but it was just too big a pill to swallow. I’m sure the Gettysburg is much more reasonable.