Unboxing Scottsdale Silver | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing Scottsdale Silver

Unboxing my first order of Scottsdale Silver. 10 oz stacker, I really love having it in my collection!! Keep Stacking!!!
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SD Bullion

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14 Responses to Unboxing Scottsdale Silver

  1. aper422 says:

    how can he show the back? the video has already been shot.

  2. drewj50 says:

    Show the back!!

  3. pof1991 says:

    cotton gloves

  4. theautobiz says:

    I consider anyone under the age of 55 young to my opinion to be young, so I guess so lol

  5. theautobiz says:

    Yeah I agree it feels good on the skin hahah!!

  6. theautobiz says:

    hahaha that would be nice but i still dont like to really touch it, I guess its just me but I do have silver I touch.. and I love it lol

  7. theautobiz says:

    thants good to know thanks for the advise..

  8. p154831 says:

    how old are you ? are you young?

  9. Hanksand says:

    I love to touch my siver and my silver is begging me to touch it, and it feels so good against my skin.

  10. ndrthrdr1 says:

    Skin oil may tone it a little, but airborne sulfur is the real enemy. Store in airtight containers and watch those sliced or chopped onions, raw and cooking. If you doubt it, and if you’ve cleaned a couple silver dimes (junk silver), stick one in a container with a slice of onion and that dime will tone right back up. The comparison is like night and day.

  11. theautobiz says:

    Thanks, have you seen the ones that APMEX came out with today? I want to get some of those now lol

  12. theautobiz says:

    Thanks man, do they really sell them on apmex? I think it might be cheaper to get at a local store though but I will still look into it, and yeah its great for storage, I want at least 3 of them and I saw that APMEX has the silver stackers in 10oz coming out tomorrow…

  13. theautobiz says:

    Thanks, i like it a lot too.. I ordered another one and “The One” by Scootsdale Silver and I should be getting them sometime next week, make sure to check out that vid, Thanks.

  14. omgisthisnametaken says:

    Beautiful stacker bud! Keep stacking! Thanks for sharing….:D