Spare Change Reviews: APMEX’s Gold and Silver coins & bullion | Silver Unboxing

Spare Change Reviews: APMEX’s Gold and Silver coins & bullion

Welcome to Spare Changes buyer reviews. In this episode we discuss Mark’s buying experience from American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) and give you the r…
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25 Responses to Spare Change Reviews: APMEX’s Gold and Silver coins & bullion

  1. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    Apmex premiums are ridiculous tho

  2. Schwarze999 says:

    Aside from silvertowne bars, you are going to pay hefty premiums all across the board

  3. 175hydro says:

    Ok…Today is Apr 21 and the current spot price of silver has dropped to $23.29…. yet APMEX is asking $31.79 (credit card price) on uncirculated ASEs. That’s $8.50 over spot per coin…oh and kick in the $12.95 shipping fee. APMEX is wayyyyy to expensive. For example: You can get a 10oz bar from silvertowne shipped to your house FOR FREE for around $2 (and change) over spot. Look around…you can find better deals.

  4. Physics Outlaw says:

    I just made an unboxing video of gold & silver ealges from APMEX. Come over and check it out. I like your video!

  5. Cosmo Ray says:

    I’ve recently bought some silver coins from Apmex.The host comments were spot on.I had a good experience buying from them.I bought the 5oz lunar austrailian editions 2012 & 2013. Both coins are awsome.

  6. Nicole Gates says:

    Was looking to invest in gold and other metals read apmex reviews and had decent buying experience there would do it again

  7. sanfrancisco89 says:

    I love APMEX and learn a lot more from your videos. I don’t like APMEX’s limited shipping options. USPS in my city stinks. They are supposed to get a signature upon delivery. Twice, a shipment was just stuck in my mailbox. Two other times they said they called me to come down for my shipment. I was home. No one called me. I wish they used UPS and/or others as well.

  8. sun raat says:

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  9. Tamkin Riaz says:


    tamkin SILVER Riaz

  10. First Last says:

    Just compared APMEX to the company I use. Mintproducts(dot)com was a few dollars cheaper on the American Eagle proof I was looking for. So shop around.

  11. cooldog60 says:

    $3.50 a coin is not right above spot

  12. themightyjoseph says:

    I just checked it out and Gainesville IS cheaper. Though APMEX is close.

  13. Wilson1592 says:

    Cheaper? Ampex offers mint coins right above spot. Can’t get much cheaper.

  14. Schwarze999 says:

    Apmex is the most expensive online dealer out there bar none

  15. onerugrat says:

    you can bank wire to apmex and its very fast.

  16. cooldog60 says:

    Monex sucks they sent my coins to the wrong address and when I called they said it was the post offices fault.

  17. TheSilverAgeHasCome says:


  18. haydenpress says:

    go to cachemetals. much better service and fast shipping.

  19. lixian25 says:

    If looking at bars and coins in silver and gold and they say 1 oz. are they always a troy oz?

  20. 175hydro says:

    ASEs (American Silver Eagles) on average are around $6 dollars over spot when using a credit/debit card to purchase. Also add a $12.95 shipping charge. Their web site is good and shipping is quick; however, I find APMEX to be very expensive.

  21. silverandgoldatcost says:

    Be sure to check out my video on How to Buy Silver and Gold at cost. No joke – pay no markup.

  22. Romulan112 says:

    I use Apmex for mint direct items. I try to pay via check to keep the price down.  I usually get screwed quality wise when I buy from them (not mint direct). What i mean is that often the silver is all scratched up which I dislike or its got fingerprints on the rounds. sometimes the prints dont come off.

  23. Trent Jackson says:

    Sell less than market value? That’s a lie, or you are sadly mistaken.

  24. Jacinto Rivera says:

    I have to disagree with you about AMPEX, their prices are not lower at all. plus their shipping and handling is wow! way to high.

    I am being trying to purchase some fractional coins and It sound like I have to wait for the silver market to crash if i want to purchase them from them. AMPEX wow it is a no no.

  25. PTTHOR says:

    Overall they are decent site. I have bought alot from them. There is good and bad- Prices are good, packaging is great, website is good.
    The Bad-Payment options, shipping prices.

    I still use them..