Silver Unboxing 2013 Wolf $20 Canadian Silver Coin | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing 2013 Wolf $20 Canadian Silver Coin

A small silver unboxing for the silver bugs out there. I love the wolf motif on the Canadian silver bullion coins! Thanks for Watching!
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SD Bullion

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5 Responses to Silver Unboxing 2013 Wolf $20 Canadian Silver Coin

  1. Stomper ribs says:

    It’s a very nice coin. Thank you for sharing. Keep in mind that you had pics on something that looks like a small brochure with it. No need to see what you already knew would be on the reverse, the queen mother. Next time, don’t worry about disappointing anyone, show things the way you want to and to hell with what others think. show the coin and if anyone wishes to see both sides, they can go buy one themselves. Even with dealer mark up, silver’s still cheap. Get another and keep it new.

  2. johncisney15 says:


  3. Photo314159 says:

    You’ll almost never get it at spot price. The premium is what a dealer/manufacturer makes over spot price. You need to buy from a higher volume dealer. I suspect they are trying to sell at $30 because it’s closer to what they bought it at since the prices have dropped a lot recently and they don’t want to lose money. Rounds and bullion bars will always be the closet to spot price. I’ve heard pawn shops and antique stores sometimes will sell for spot. Never got that deal though.

  4. johncisney15 says:

    The price of silver bullion right now is around $20 per ounce, but every coin and precious metal store near me is still selling bullion at $30 an ounce. Any tips for getting silver at spot price?

  5. BlindGuardian050 says:

    That’s not too bad price for a nice coin!