Real Treasure Junk Silver Dimes | Silver Unboxing

Real Treasure Junk Silver Dimes

Real Treasure Junk Silver Dimes

More junk silver dimes from eBay. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

SD Bullion

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14 Responses to Real Treasure Junk Silver Dimes

  1. Numismatic Chalk says:

    good stuff!

  2. Kyle Vangills says:

    Picked up a role the other day from the coin shop spot was at abt 27 a oz and got 14 Mercury dimes 1 barber and 35 Roosevelt dimes for 109 I don’t think I did too bad .

  3. gjcoins says:

    im always buying the dimes as well

  4. Thomas Brown says:

    You can get some Visa and Mastercard $25.00 gift cards for a $2.00 purchase fee now. If you have a Wal-Greens nearby it’s where I get mine. But I’m sure if you look around you’ll find them in other places also.

  5. hotneo7 says:

    Thanks MSS!

  6. lanceoa says:

    good haul!

  7. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Thanks EpicRv

  8. Michael Silver Stacker says:

    Im pretty sure Bigstackmcgee has a video on this very topic. For me it a little different considering I started buying silver when $5 face was almost $130. I do all my spot at $31-$32. This is kind of my ceiling for junk depending on condition. Getting it under spot is no a measure of skill more of patience. Bid on a lot of lots in the last few minutes. Only bid the highest price you are willing to pay. If you lose, move on, you have to be firm. Ill make a short video buddy.

  9. WHMmetals says:

    WOW. I kid you not I bid on the same lot…. The seller had a few for sale and I got outbid on every one by just over a dollar…. Glad to see they went to a deserving person!

  10. greg williams says:

    nice dime stack :-)))

  11. Bigstackmcgee says:

    nice pickup MSS – I agree with you – I’ve been itching to get more and more on this dip too. Stack ’em up!

  12. Orest Suylk says:

    Nice Stacks!

  13. hotneo7 says:

    I’m thinking of dipping my toe in the eBay pool and try it out with a low risk $10 prepaid card but the activation fee is like half that. So any tips? I’ve been following some auctions and they always turn up overbid. With eBay the there’s no live spot right? the price is controlled by the bidders. I found that many had auto-bids. How do you get something on eBay at spot or below price? Maybe make a video to show how it’s done? Nice dimes.

  14. EpicRV says:

    Nice junk!