GAINESVILLE COINS: “There is PLENTY of silver!” | Silver Unboxing

GAINESVILLE COINS: “There is PLENTY of silver!”

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25 Responses to GAINESVILLE COINS: “There is PLENTY of silver!”

  1. Leonard Garces says:

    Don Harold is bending over backward trying to force the facts to fit his theory.

  2. MrVegiita says:

    Great video! I wish Mike Maloney would say the same.. He sent out an email saying there’s a physical shortage so lock in your price. I think he is the source of this shortage information

  3. NoName NoFame says:

    you can order over 9 million ounces of buffalo rounds and the indian head rounds EACH. only the delivery is delayed a coupla weeks because of inventory issues.

  4. srttbone says:

    I hope you arnt in a rush to get your order. I placed an order before the price drop to 23 and I’m still waiting for them to ship, 2 weeks later. The wait time was 5-7 days when I ordered. So much for first come first serve.

  5. Diane Lang says:

    Don Herrold.. loves the sound of his OWN voice.. how could anyone possibly take him seriously. For some reason Don has become the shady Bill O’Reilly of coinage .. blech. Everywhere I am going they are sold OUT … wait time .. wait till hell freezes over.. DH has not credibility. NONE zip zero ..

  6. DayTradeShow says:

    TheDragonflyDoji, understood. Thanks for the comment.

  7. TheDragonflyDoji says:

    hi don. no, not unless they have it ready to ship. i don’t trust delayed, or shipping on bla bla bla… just means they DON’T HAVE. a retailer is only as good as it’s supplier, but will gladly take your money now. i believe i commented on your mike maloney or goldmart vid that may explain more of my opinion on this. …until the shelves are truly restocked, i don’t think anyone can definitively say one way or the other. but do appreciate you digging for answers. more then most do:)

  8. DayTradeShow says:

    TheDragonflyDoji, do you trust Mike Maloney? His prices are just as good. What about Goldmart?

  9. TheDragonflyDoji says:

    i waited months for product from these guys. even though it said IN STOCK! this was years ago and i think it was just rounds. i wouldn’t trust these guys for jack….

  10. bruno188home says:

    who is the guy you interviewed? was he one of the sales people that answers the phone to take orders.

  11. DayTradeShow says:

    Noah Glaser, I know, right?

  12. Noah Glaser says:

    No offense but this almost sound like a prank call.

  13. Michael White says:

    Mine —> refinery—> manufacturer —-> bullion dealer —-> purchaser. So if the manufacturer is having problems meeting demand, then there isn’t enough coming from either the refinery or the mines. Sounds like for the time being there is enough silver out there. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the mines can boost production to meet demand, but at these prices there isn’t much room for profit for them. SIlver is a mining byproduct and all, but it still costs $ to mine.

  14. DayTradeShow says:

    tomisnt, see my newest video on this.

  15. tomisnt says:

    why is it taking so long for them to ship me the silver I had in stock? I made it a point to buy what is in stock…

  16. AirelonTrading says:

    And it was special fun listening to his response … you had to explain the lunacy like twice, and I still dont think he understands exactly what you were trying to explain that others were saying …

  17. magichandpuppet says:

    “This item will begin shipping on 05/10/2013.”

    – GainesvilleCoins on Silver American Eagles

  18. DayTradeShow says:

    dlllester, yeah, and if 10% of the “stacker” community would have waited til today to buy silver, they’d have more silver for less money. Dude, for real. Take all the stories you hear from the anonymous retailers and then set them aside for a moment: Which one of those stories made you any money, or got you more silver for your money yet? Let me know which story turned out to be a money-maker or got you more silver.

  19. DayTradeShow says:

    Couldbeme1000, for so many reasons that’s not a big deal. If I have time, I’ll do a video on it.

  20. DayTradeShow says:

    AirelonTrading, I was embarrassed at how idiotic that “physical versus paper” story sounds when you try to explain it to someone. Yes. I was embarrassed.

  21. AirelonTrading says:

    From 03:52 – My question is … Don, were you embarresed by trying to explain the crazy conspiracy stuff to an industry professional? 🙂

  22. dlllester says:

    I’m just telling you the truth of what they put on their website. Does it say that date on their website or not? I never said they needed it from me, I simply stated facts. People can check for themselves. If even 10% of the population starts saving their money in SILVER in the United States alone, then it would consume 100% of world annual production. Most SILVER mined in any year is 770 million ounces, so if just 400 million people world wide bought one oz of SILVER it would deplete all supply

  23. lizadfuel says:

    Good video Don – Hit the ball out of the park with this one!

  24. Couldbeme1000 says:

    You guys do know TWO (2) mines have went down, one won’t be able to mine again until 2016, the other is in a legal battle.  So where is the new silver coming from since productions has been cut?

  25. breakinmedia says:

    * 31.81 not 38

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