Swapping a 100 ounce perth mint bar I bought some time back for a much more sensible fractional lot of 200 half ounce scottsdale silver rounds.
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SD Bullion

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  1. fightnight47364 says:

    There is ALWAYS a seller and buyer.

  2. guptabikash88 says:

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  3. TheBlitzvideo says:

    unless it’s a reputable dealer I would buy a silver tester and use it when I buy silver off of eBay

  4. sternumkick says:

    Are you afraid of fakes on eBay?

  5. Juan Flores says:

    what about of Half silver dollars?

  6. Joker0911PL says:

    Be careful with 1/2 oz coins not so popular 1 oz is better, best lunar series , kookaburras, pandas fuji taku itc. Good to have some 5 and 10 oz version also. Good luck

  7. Jovas Kig says:

    he said 150 dollars

  8. TallyDynasty says:

    Scottsdale has become the modern day brand and is recognized all over the world. It gets almost the same premiums as American Eagles on ebay. Scottsdale is not a generic name by any means, lol. A little research would prove that.

  9. epohnopulse says:

    They did it for no charge?

  10. serg d says:

    IT IS WRITTEN: But their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. Psalms 115:4. Repent!!!!!

  11. mongla port says:

    Hi, have you considered this plan called the Intellitus Cash System? (do a google search). My mother says it earns people oodles of income.

  12. johnaldridge740 says:

    and dont forget scottsdale is considered by the industry to be a generic bullion unlike th ejm and engelhard i have owned scottsdales and i will never own them again

  13. johnaldridge740 says:

    but it does matter if you have what is considered generic bullion which scottsdale is , he will get less money now because perth is not considered generic and brings a higher premium like englehard and jm, this was a poor decision backed by a good idea but should have got 1 oz jm coins or bars or englehards, silver is sliver to a certain point but generic brings less money on your return

  14. johnaldridge740 says:

    i also suggest to any bullio collector to buy a good amount of small fractiional bullion too, this way in the future if we are bartering then small amounts will be easier to barter with but having the large bars would be like having a great credit score now, you could say loook see i have large oz bars to back my purchase too

  15. johnaldridge740 says:

    only thing you will accomplish is getting less money becaue you invest in generic bullion like scottsdale, i could take a 100 oz englehard to a coin shop and get more money then if you took 100 – 1oz scottsdales in to sell i have done it, this is not a guess it is a fact

  16. johnaldridge740 says:

    buy englehard or jm or perth mint only , scottsdale and sunsahine and all these others that seem to the novice as a good investment are really infact refered to as generic bullion and you get less per ounce for these then the name brand bullion,.

  17. johnaldridge740 says:

    depends on th ebrand of bullion, i would take a 1 kiklo of englehard over say sunshine mint or scottsdale 10 gram bars any day

  18. johnaldridge740 says:

    wont hold its value ? silver has out perferomed gold every year for atleast the last 10 years so you have no clue what your talking about

  19. JOESD2300 says:

    Never touch collectors coins or paper with your bare hands.It leaves acid stains.

  20. TubeDeviant says:

    Can you elighten us with FACTS as to how you reached your conclusion..?

  21. geniusmarketing08 says:

    I bought direct from Scottsdale silver…not because their metal price is cheaper, but their overseas shipping rate was half that of other dealers that ship international. So if you’re in the states you could prob find a better deal from another dealer who sell Scotts.

  22. ben dover says:

    Who did you swap the 100 oz bar with. I would mind doing the same.

  23. starknife says:

    Annnd you wasted a tremendous amount of money on a metal that won’t hold its value or look/feel nearly as cool as gold, might as well put that in your moms china cabinet.

  24. TallyDynasty says:

    Nice Video. They don’t call Scottsdale Silver the BENZ of Bullion for nothing!