50 Ounces of 2013 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins Bullion | Silver Unboxing

50 Ounces of 2013 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins Bullion

new package in the mail.
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10 Responses to 50 Ounces of 2013 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins Bullion

  1. uracowman says:

    It boils down to an issue of trust (moot point), and recognizability around the world. It’s a retarded argument either way because the the maple has a $5 imbedded option in it opposed to a $1 imbedded option in an eagle.

  2. DetroitLove4U says:

    I bought a handful of Canadian Bullion Coins of 2012 & 2013 strikes including the animal series issues. I don’t think that silver is going to run a bullish outlook anymore at least for the immediate future. Anyhow I don’t really understand why but seemingly Canadian Silver Bullion is always passed up as the least desired silver investment by a cadre of investors at both dealers I go to. Although I recall an older gentlemen I sat next to several weeks ago – he bought $80K in Canadian Gold Maples.

  3. tonyz92 says:

    Are you gonna get the 2013 wood bison silver coins?

  4. myparrots1 says:

    The new gold Maple has another really tiny Maple Leaf next to the big one with the number 13 on it.
    I just received 1 ounce of both Maple Leaf and Philharmonic in both gold and silver and will post a video tomorrow.
    Posted a video of my first ever gold purchase a week ago of 3 gold bars.

  5. uracowman says:

    It’s not a proof coin, so that is expected.

  6. AmsterdamFire321 says:

    Do any of your coins have numerous, very slight marks on Elizabeth’s cheeks? I ordered two from Apmex (usually order Eagles) and they both have these marks on them. Very small, can only be shown in the light but they’re still distinct u-shaped.

  7. TemplarsCreed says:

    Cheers m8. I literally just found a vid that told me the difference. A small security stamp thats all. No other change though. Cheers 🙂

  8. uracowman says:

    It’s the exact same.

  9. TemplarsCreed says:

    Hey m8. Seeing you’ve done a vid on maples perhaps u can tell me if theres any difference between the 2012 & 2013 gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins? I know they are the same design but issit different carrat gold etc? Just askin cos they look different on gold coin sites Im trying to find an unboxing of the 2013 coin so i can see for myself but i cant seem to find any out there. I know you said u dont care what coins look like but for my money its always harder to sell if it doesnt look so smart 🙂

  10. p154831 says:

    I actually agree with you. Everyones buying 2013 pandas right now for no apparent reason. The mintage is so high that a premium will never develop. I’ll buy one for looks but I’m also getting some Canadian antelopes. They’re $.80 more than maples but maybe worth it

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