$330,000 In Gold and Silver Coins – Friends Stack. | Silver Unboxing

$330,000 In Gold and Silver Coins – Friends Stack.

Very close friend of mine wanted to do a video on his STACK. Yeah, if I had his money I could probably burn mine. Keep stacking friends! Save, work hard, and…
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25 Responses to $330,000 In Gold and Silver Coins – Friends Stack.

  1. Michael Douglas says:

    why the hell would you tell ANYONE how much you got…..

  2. Jim1971a says:

    Open the green box.

  3. Karim El-Azhary says:

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  4. johnsutcliffe1986 says:

    Buy some hand cream i sell u some for all your gold

  5. johnsutcliffe1986 says:


  6. brianstacync says:

    thats all fake

  7. ThierryHenryReturn says:

    A si ti tut slovenc haha= XD

  8. ChrisMillerLite says:

    whats his address and hours when he will not be at his house?

  9. Štefan Danko says:

    This is just crazy! Keep stacking…

  10. daconfuzedguy says:

    What a douche thing to say… But I guess your user name says it all… Go get high, overdose, and let your kids have it early – scumbag.

  11. daconfuzedguy says:

    LOL, hater

  12. wildfireman13 says:

    check out monarchpreciousmetals(dot)com it’s a great place to get silver.

  13. Derek Macdonald says:

    he must of had a good job to have that stack, if i had a $100k a year job maybe but 1/4 that. just getting by. i have 50 oz. in silver and 1.5 oz in gold. im doing alright so far, if silver keeps dropping then we all losing money

  14. wnc817 says:

    He “wants to work”? Tell him to sell it and buy a 1M apartment building or other commercial real estate. Instant pension.

  15. justanotherbum007 says:

    It puts the lotion on its skin.

  16. aj82329 says:

    Cool story bro

  17. wildfireman13 says:

    Convert 90% of your savings into silver

  18. Derek Macdonald says:

    i like to buy silver but i also have a buying problem, i want it i get it..im trying to stop that but how…

  19. greenhemi1 says:

    from the description this guy who owns all this gold basically doesnt take loans or pay interest for or on anything, just saves and lives below his means; HOWEVER, he has only amassed $330k in gold and silver? Sounds like he needed a better investment strategy, at his age, with zero debt, he should be bordering or at the million dollar mark or exceeded the million dollar mark

  20. greenhemi1 says:


  21. MrMonchiman123 says:

    Use some of that gold to buy som lotion

  22. Silver Eagle says:

    Does anyone here trade futures?

  23. Djstoica says:

    I just shit myself.

  24. Dave Sanders says:

    Buy silver eagles at spot with spoteagles dotcom

  25. Torrentialrx says:

    I understand not everyone intends to sell – BUT – 330,000 buys you 5-10 rental properties bringing in 600$ a month per place – OR – in certain cities it can buy an apartment building with 4-8 apartments inside ….. just saying… as the video was playing all i could think was, that one cardboard box is around the cost of 2 apartments that would equal to 1200 a month in passive cash flow