2013 Silver Eagle Proof Graded Set Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

2013 Silver Eagle Proof Graded Set Unboxing

Unboxing of a 2013 Silver Eagle Proof Graded Set, and my realization that I absolutely need a tripod!
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16 Responses to 2013 Silver Eagle Proof Graded Set Unboxing

  1. TheSilverSlacker says:

    Thanks, these are some of my favorite coins in my collection now. Really happy how they turned out.

  2. TheSilverSlacker says:

    Thanks, yeah I love having the MS70 and PF70 for each year. There actually 6 different ones this year. The 2 in the video the plain Eagle with no mint mark, the struck in San Francisco, the struck in West Point, and the regular proof. Thinking about doing a video of all 6 coins.

  3. PreTrendInvestor says:

    I just bought my first slabbed eagle.. I plan on buying a ms70 from the San Francisco Mint and West Point Mint each year. Now you have me thinking about buy the proof and other 70 eagles 😀 Nice vid silverslacker.

  4. James Herzog says:

    I have the same set, not the Early Release, just the regular 70s in the retro holder as well, then picked up the OGP without coins on eBay for like $16. The coins and retro holders are awesome and the case was well worth the extra money….:-) Awesome job on your vid…love the closeups!

  5. TheSilverSlacker says:

    Well I guess I would since I bought the graded and not the mint issued set lol. The PF 70’s always seem to do really good. People want the best. I would buy just the mint issued set over a PF 69 though.

  6. AmericanConquistador says:

    Would you choose the graded over just the mint issued set?

  7. TheSilverSlacker says:

    Thanks for the info, yeah I picked one up from Amazon for my camera.

  8. Ant T says:

    I got a universal tripod on eBay for my iPhone for 6.95

  9. Tonic Lime says:

    Beautiful set! Thanks for sharing these. Keep stacking!

  10. hotneo7 says:

    Wicked sick enhanced eagle. I have to find out their mintage and if it’s super low and the right price; get one. That’s some crazy premiums for $19 spot.

  11. dmatthews778 says:

    Very nice!! Those are awesome

  12. TheSilverSlacker says:

    I really like the Enhanced one, it’s the first one they have ever done and hopefully they do more in the future.

  13. SalivateMetal says:

    Very nice coins! You expressed something important. You like the coins a lot and have them because of such, not just because of the investment. I agree completely.

  14. greg williams says:

    Very nice to have. :-)

  15. Pd Ballerina says:

    I like the retro holders too 🙂

  16. EpicRV says:

    ive been thinking about picking those up