10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar & Canadian Silver Coins | Silver Unboxing

10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar & Canadian Silver Coins

Just showing a couple pieces of gold and silver that I recently purchased. 10 gram (0.35 ounce) PAMP Suisse gold bar, and Canadian Wildlife Series 1 ounce Mo…
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23 Responses to 10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar & Canadian Silver Coins

  1. FoodFolksandGuns says:

    Maybe a tiny bit, because they are listed as with or without assay when you buy them. I just like to keep them as clean as possible.

  2. klklkpkp says:

    if you were to open the pamp suisse bar, would some resale value? just wondering, I like to touch the metals i buy.

  3. FoodFolksandGuns says:

    Thank you for subscribing. It would be easy to sell it back but after the recent selloffs in precious metals, it would definitely be at a loss.

  4. Rich muscles says:

    hi loved your video. just wanted to know how hard would be to sell back your gold bar and would you make any profit..

  5. Timmy0220 says:

    P.S you’re still a retard…

  6. Timmy0220 says:

    Why would you assume i wouldn’t know? lets look at your history shall we. Very few people alive today have lived through a collapse of any kind, so it would be fair to say most wouldn’t know what to expect. Look at the great depression, millions of people lining up for soup kitchens, starving, destitute. Yet how many cities where torched? how bad was the crime. You fucks are going to burn cities and shoot people for food just because you retards are now conditioned to think it’s inevitable.

  7. Primal67060 says:

    Dumbass, I was just stating a fact. Like you would fucking know anyway. Dumbshit.

  8. ete90210 says:

    Watch out for fake gold coming from china be careful

  9. FoodFolksandGuns says:

    I like to protect my investment

  10. Kahlian Hoberts says:

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  11. Timmy0220 says:

    Quit*  ( insert excuse here )

  12. Timmy0220 says:

    So hamstrings, changed your profile name pic and even country of origin to Samoa eh. I know because i book marked your page so i could tell you all the good things in life later on. You really are the worst kind of person there is. To stupid to know when to quite, to lazy to research if what they know is right, way to ignorant to know better. Please stop breathing the same air i do, I hate how it tastes like ham and desperation for attention. Get a hug from your dad, come out, it’s ok now.

  13. Timmy0220 says:

    As for gold and silver, it’s the flooding of SLV and GLD paper transactions and futures causing the price to drop. Silver even more since tied to industrial demand. As for over supplied, retarded, it’s a finite resource most of which is already mined and traded. It’s not like some just found thousands of tons of the shit and dumped it on the market. I said you at least made a case, dumb but i didn’t see the need to argue with you until this reply. Got anything to add fuck face?

  14. Timmy0220 says:

    wait, what? now here comes the pain. Inflation has stayed low because they don’t factor in food, clothing, and utilities. All of which are going up ie: inflation. The dow has recovered to new highs yet the dollar is far weaker giving the perception of a recovering economy. Which you could make the case qe2 and op twist is working. spend trillions to make a few billions eh. The usd index however is going down because you ARE loosing purchasing power.

  15. Timmy0220 says:

    At least you make a case.

  16. Timmy0220 says:

    Your response is to just keep printing the money you need for the economy, yup just flood it, that couldn’t have any negative effects all. Presumption eh, i presume you’re just lowering me down to your level. i’d call you a troll but you’re not. You do truly believe this shit, as a troll you would have gotten under my skin admittedly. You are not a troll though, just a really i mean really stupid individual, a punk still at home with his parents, where you will stay, no job just this, youtube.

  17. Timmy0220 says:

    Yup 500 characters can do that, why don’t you try explaining your views, or even sources of information? you can’t, you won’t and i believe you couldn’t. You copy paste shit on any page relating to silver and gold. Buy slv over actual silver. bring it fuckhead try to take me down with facts, i’ll fucking crush you.

  18. Timmy0220 says:

    What, that’s it? you spew dumb shit all over the place and when it comes time to back yourself up on your idiotic views all you can do is that. I destroyed you the first time, like a roach you came back, i summoned a black hole of information to bifurcate you into singularity and yet you come back, with less than nothing. Attacking your stupidity makes me self absorbed. Ignorance like yours should be deadly not bliss. Fuck you cockroach, you can keep this house i’m out. fucking pig.

  19. FoodFolksandGuns says:

    True. Gold and silver is at most 10% of my portfolio. I would never put all my money into one stock, bond, housing market, asset class, etc. I did that during the dot-com bust and got my ass handed to me. It was a harsh lesson but I’m glad I learned it when I was very young and didn’t repeat it when I finished school and actually started to make decent money. OK I’ll let you two get back to your spirited discussion. lol

  20. Timmy0220 says:

    As well “deception” and “spin” has nothing to do with gold, silver, economics, banking or anything related to what you spew. You are a mental midget up against a community of educated, establish people as well as others seeing the smoke and seeking to protect their wealth. To assume i and others are only in the bullion market is retarded. none of us put all our eggs in a single basket.

  21. Timmy0220 says:

    You might need to get a dictionary for some of those terms, also look up quantitative easing, fractional banking, reserve base and how to stop taking up valuable space less fortunate and more deserving people should be occupying. Anyone who even remotely believes anything you write should themselves look up critical thought and received doctrine. They should in fact look up everything i type, i know it’s asking much since school was soooo boring and shit. fuck ham, you’re a pig

  22. Timmy0220 says:

    You’re a retard in the full sense of the term as well as the slang. Gold periodically matches and even exceeds (though not long) the currency value of the reserve base. In fact if you did a little research you would know that we could have gone back on the gold standard twice since the bretton woods system. For America to do it a third time gold would have to be around $7k-8k. your purchasing power is shit, if you haven’t noticed inflation, ask your mom what your school lunches cost now. Moron