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Where I buy Silver now and Why

I’ve been stacking silver and buy from Apmex and Gainesville coins. I stopped gong to my local coin shop because it just wasn’t worth it anymore and their pr…

SD Bullion

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24 Responses to Where I buy Silver now and Why

  1. vphan101 says:

    provident medals is a lot cheaper.

  2. Terrence Lin says:

    get this, gold and silver are only what we believe it is worth . hey if something do happens im pretty sure food would be the most valuable.

  3. shaolin811 says:

    I dont.

  4. minkcmusic says:

    When purchasing coins which are issued by your Government, no sales tax is collected. I live in the United States, so if I purchase a one oz silver American eagle, sales tax will not be collected. However, if I buy a one oz Canadian maple leaf issued by the Canadian Government, sales tax will be collected.

  5. tom110111 says:

    Do you pay sales tax on silver?

  6. phills pavel says:

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  7. realerik123 says:

    College degrees are worthless now

  8. AncientArtOfWar says:

    I agree, Provident Metals is a fantastic website

  9. shaolin811 says:

    I’ve been more than willing to spend money there, I gave them a lot of business too and brought new people in. Never have they cut me any sort of deal or offered to. I asked once for a deal they turned me down. PLus they sell their junk for $25 for a dollar face value.

  10. shaolin811 says:

    this video was made in March 7. Ihaven’t been there since April actually. April was the time i started learning a lot more over the internet. Plus I haven’t mentioned anyhting new about this local business. They cheat people actually. Thats why i dont go anymore. Yes, i understand they need to make money, but 7 over spot? why bother go.

  11. yogiudo says:

    I don’t think it is “bs” as you call it. Don’t forget, the coin dealer is in business to make money. He his average cost is 7 dollars above spot, then that is the price he needs to charge in order to earn money. Would you work for free? I thought not.

    Also, you mentioned that you like to go to the coin store to get information – however you’re not willing to spend money with your dealer. So, in some ways – you’re not a great customer. Many dealers will give the best deals to loyal customers.

  12. shaolin811 says:

    Lol yea i do it alrdy. It actually still comes out cheaper for me when i buy online than local dealer. My local dealers charge too much a premium like 7 dollars over spot for American silver eagles which is bullsht. But when i buy online i have to make sure i at least buy like 10+ ounces or more so my cost perounce in’t bad.

  13. yogiudo says:

    when you purchase online, to be fair, you need to include the shipping cost in your “final cost” per coin. For example if you bought a roll of eagles at 20$ each, 25 X 20 = 500$. If your shipping is 10$, then your real cost per ounce is 510 / 25 = 20.40$

    If you already do this then just ignore me.
    Personally, as a coin dealer myself – your video is helpful but I know that in some cases I can and do beat the online dealers. When you have a sharp drop, they’re difficult to compete with.

  14. Justin Adachi says:

    is Aydincoins a good website?

  15. shaolin811 says:

    yea I know now :] i’ve been buying mostly from apmex from their ebay site for the past 3 months or so 😀

  16. klklkpkp says:

    Hey shaolin811, like you I buy from Apmex website. But in case you don’t know, I found that Apmex has an ebay store where it’s shipping is cheaper than buying from it’s website: we’re talking $4.95 +$0.25 every additional (max is ~$15 i think), so it’s more affordable off ebay if you’re buying a handful of coins, like I do. Hope this helps

  17. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Provident has been good with there free shipping promotions. Worth a look.

  18. Dave Sanders says:

    Buy silver coins at spot. Visit spoteagles dotcom

  19. Bryson Alexander says:

    AMAGI Metals is Great on Shipping Costs, Like $2-$3 for a tiny order and obviously scaled up based on size. It’s all Generic Silver so no Britannia’s but they do carry the SBSS Series.

  20. Ape Man says:

    Preservation of Wealth is a Great Place as well. Low premiums. It is like Sam’s Club. You can buy a yearly membership and there are no minimums. I live around the corner from P.O.W. so I can place my orders and pick them up. I like them because, 1 they are local, they are extremely affordable even shipping costs. I am about to buy my 1st Gold Coin as they are cheaper as well. Check it out!

  21. Bob Kemper says:

    thanks, nice video.

  22. shaolin811 says:

    and this goes for hundreds and hundreds of customers which pretty much makes up for ALL of their customers.

  23. shaolin811 says:

    no hurry.  But no one likes terrible customer service period.

  24. steve bickler says:

    What’s your big damn hurry?