Silver Unboxing – Episode 2 | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing – Episode 2

Hey guys! If you all dont know, I just got into buying precious metals last week and I plan on getting a lot more, expanding into gold and platinum! Make sur…

SD Bullion

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9 Responses to Silver Unboxing – Episode 2

  1. TeenPreciousMetals says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Stack House says:

    One other thing, I would also recommend saving money for the upcoming Perth Mint releases in September. It looks silver may have found a bottom so don’t feel bad about taking a break from buying. To make the best returns you have to get the semi-num’s early before the premiums go up.

  3. TeenPreciousMetals says:

    Yeah, that and rhodium I keep an eye out for. I just don’t have money to spend on those at the moment.

  4. Stack House says:

    Take a look at palladium as well. For some reason everybody ignores it and it is the strongest performing industrial PM.

  5. TeenPreciousMetals says:

    Thanks bro!

  6. Ludamantle says:

    Nice coins brother. I’d black out your address in future videos. The silver community has great people, but there are also side shows with circus freaks out here.

  7. TeenPreciousMetals says:

    Thanks. I do realize that, but I like the coins and stuff, because I like how they are all different and how you can collect them and add on with the new ones every year. I am buying bigger ones though, like I got a 10 oz year of the snake for $225, so that was a good buy.

  8. Silver Bully says:

    Pretty coins but you can get more oz with less money by buying bars… And make more money

  9. Pondy Edits says:

    Very nice