Silver to go up 400% in 3 years! | Silver Unboxing

Silver to go up 400% in 3 years!

Silver price to ‘increase 400pc in three years’…
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25 Responses to Silver to go up 400% in 3 years!

  1. raspberrybaggio says:

    Muhammed was a phoney, so are you.

  2. raspberrybaggio says:

    That’s right. I have never seen a homeless person before. Jeez.

  3. dojufitz says:

    A mate i know went to San Francisco and as a tourist went for a walk early in the morning….he told me he saw homeless people sleeping everywhere…..

  4. drutter says:

    FONZD!! Be safe and have fun out there 🙂

  5. Raycheetah says:

    Gorramed BoobTube! How in heck do we PM? Anyway, do a web search for this article: “The Forces That Will Push Silver Over $100.”

    Great market analysis, and well worth a read. =^[.]^=

  6. raspberrybaggio says:

    What happened to the person on the ground? Are they OK?

  7. gibbo675 says:

    I thought you were going to play us all a tune on your guitar.
    Don’t tell me you’ve left it at home!

  8. RndmMexican says:

    I bought socks for 12.99 on sale, and got my lady some underwear for 17.99.
    Anti-microbial of course.

  9. Mike Cole says:

    Safe travels!

  10. Raycheetah says:

    One comment on that article indicated that California has put in place a law that all water pipes (except wastewater) must be soldered with Silver, not Lead. That’s a LOT of Silver that’s not coming back into circulation any time soon. =@[.]@=

  11. jocknomore says:

    One night in Bangkok and your whole world crumbles

  12. erushbass says:

    What a waste of silver, the useless waster will only piss it against a wall.

  13. erushbass says:

    What a waste of silver, the usless waster will only piss it against a wall.

  14. firefox666moll says:

    You get around guildy/

  15. Mrbullydog66 says:

    This world if full of human beings, rich, poor, educated, mislead, good & evil. I would like to think that someone in your position, knowing what you do, would go and buy that guy a meal, and if he needs shoes or clothes then spend the price of a single ounce of silver doing that. Because you have seen and highlighted him, Please go and help him to the value of 1 silver ounce. PM me and I will send you an ounce of silver. That is a human and our brother on the street. thank you.

  16. AtheistThatsATheist says:

    I personally think we might have a year where gold does better than silver. The US economy hits a wall, China gets that slow down theyve been aiming for, the EU has more troubles, printing might be back on the table, if Iran gets attacked theyre major oil suppliers of China and India. So with US EU etc in trouble production goes down and silver too, yet gold will sore!!!

  17. FeldwebelWolfenstool says:

    Would be good for me.

  18. fal2grace2 says:

    So cool that you’re in Bangkok:) Take care G.

  19. silverfuturist says:

    Show the outside of the window more often! I totally didn’t expect you to be in Bangkok above a busy street.

  20. z1zaz says:

    In times of war gold and silver must be handed to the government !
    There is more silver than ever before being mined and purified.
    UK goverment charges 20% VAT on silver too.
    Be wary !

  21. gerryboy3699 says:

    Lol , nice title Guild. 

  22. bicyclexx7 says:

    War can cause silver to go up 400 % .

  23. Stealth0031 says:

    Keep on stacking! Hope your trip is a good one.
    Thanks for the link.

  24. Serafina Pekkala says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learn over the past four years or so in this community, it’s not to buy into each and every prediction. There are simply too many factors at play at any given moment to change the winds of fortune. If it happens, wonderful…if not, then at least I didn’t get my hopes up and bank on it playing out “as foretold.”

    Cheers Mr. Man with new pearly whites. 😉

  25. Roswells51 says:

    NICE! erm, not the homeless guy in alley, but your holiday there. Would LOVE to pay .50c more for a pair of jeans or $10 more for a computer if it meant I’d quadruple my silver value. I don’t put much stock in articles like this but here’s to the impossible!