Reason Silver – 2012 Maple Leaf Unboxing 2/10/2012 | Silver Unboxing

Reason Silver – 2012 Maple Leaf Unboxing 2/10/2012

Unboxing a few beautiful 2012 Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz. silver coins purchased from Provident Metals in early 2012.

SD Bullion

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18 Responses to Reason Silver – 2012 Maple Leaf Unboxing 2/10/2012

  1. invisibletim says:

    jm bullion

  2. SilverBelle1986 says:

    Don’t worry, even if it does pull back the physical supplies can’t last forever at the rate they’re being mined and consumed.

  3. SilverBelle1986 says:

    I would like Canadian Maple leaves more if they didn’t have the queen’s ugly mug on them.

  4. lazyboy465 says:

    Well eventhough you arent buying them for there numismatic value …you still are paying for it with premiums instead of just buying generic rounds strictly for Ag content

  5. ricin3000 says:

    I was too early with my comment about the tubes, my apologies.

  6. ricin3000 says:

    I agree that Maples are the most beautiful silver coins and 999 to boot.

  7. ricin3000 says:

    There are 25 piece tubes for Maple Leafs. Usually when you buy in quantitties of 25 they’ll come in tubes. So why one would store them in 20-pcs Eagle tubes I dunno.

  8. Reason Silver says:

    Yeah, I’m in Texas, so sales tax. I actually like the fact that I have to wait until I have $1k+ to buy because otherwise I’d be buying on impulse a lot more frequently 🙂

  9. Reason Silver says:

    I got a few of those Ron Pauls. In retrospect, I should have gotten the proofs instead of rounds. Proofs are a lot cleaner — rounds have kind of a hacky feel to them … but hey, it’s pure silver, which is what matters anyway.

  10. MrPointspread says:

    I agree the Moose Looks Nice (Just wish the RCM put them in Mylar or Capsules) and the RP coins are great aswell 😉

  11. MrPointspread says:

    I agree $30 oz will look “cheap” in a few years time but I always try to get the best price possible when I re-enter the markets so I think anyone serious about getting the best bang out of there buck should in my opinion look to only get in during OVER 5%-20% pullbacks like we had in Dec/Jan.

    If someone doesnt have any PM’s then thats another story I guess because price shouldnt matter when your looking for “insurance”. LOL!

  12. MrPointspread says:

    LOL! I been watching the PM markets for 10 years and I cant tell you that the Silver Chart has had MASSIVE damage to it from the parabolic run to $49 during the spring. So just as people were saying to me 7 months ago that we well NEVER see under $30 oz silver ever again when Silver was over $40 oz they were proved wrong LOL!. We will see $30 oz and lower Again!, I cant predict for how long it stays at 30 or lower but Im 80% sure it will happen again before Spring 😉

  13. silverexplosion says:

    I would not wait for a pullback to happen, cause it may not happen. I would buy the new Canadian Moose. I also would buy the Ron Paul rounds by Provident Metals

  14. p154831 says:

    Do you have to pay taxes when you buy from provident because you live in texas? I buy from them all the time but I don’t have to pay taxes. My mooses and koalas should be coming soon! 🙂 I have another channel that I post videos on.

  15. Reason Silver says:

    My sixth sense is telling me it may not pull back … I think $35 is the new $15.

  16. Reason Silver says:

    I buy largely by feeling and by when I have the money 🙂 I don’t focus on the technicals too much. Even if spot makes a gigantic $5 drop, with the amount I buy I’d never be at a loss of more than 3-5 coins. That’s about the premium I’d pay when trading gold for silver. Besides, I think anything around $30 is cheap, and we’ll be looking back at $30 the same way we’re looking at $15.

  17. MrPointspread says:

    Also the RCM Maple Tubes do have there special “Mint Mark” at the top of the tubes where the tape is on the vid, Im sure ya already noticed that since positing the video 🙂

    Next Pullback to $32-$29 oz I might pull the trigger on some of the 2012 maples. If Ag doesnt get down to that price then I will only buy Australian Mint Coins or maybe the new Moose coin as those protect you on the highs and lows of the market way better then reg maples and eagles 😉

  18. MrPointspread says:

    Great stuff but I have to ask you, What made you end up buying these maples at around $36 oz AFTER Silver has gone up 25% since the lows in Dec/early Jan? Silver should end the year at over $36 oz for your coins to make a gain but why not buy these reg maples when spot was $26-$29 oz during the pullback? I didnt even like paying $36 oz for 2011 Australian Koalas during the pullback LOL! But with that coin its alrady selling WAY OVER $36 oz regardless of spot price.

    Just wondering 😉

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