Monster Box 500 1oz Silver Maple Leafs unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Monster Box 500 1oz Silver Maple Leafs unboxing

This is the unboxing video of our most recent addition to our investment portfolio. This is a box of 500 Ounces of Silver Maple Leafs and. Just beautiful. Th…

SD Bullion

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24 Responses to Monster Box 500 1oz Silver Maple Leafs unboxing

  1. charliehelyes says:

    awesome I have 400 ounces aiming to get 100 more

  2. Bass Masters says:

    Just vacuum seal the coins, no more tarnish! Cheers!

  3. SilverShareHolder says:

    These videos make me realize that i need to increase my income. For now i just stack what i can piece by piece but seeing you making purchases like this serves as inspiration.

  4. mattyelle1 says:

    .9999 tarnishes whitish. happened to a few of my maples. w-ever its bullion, still worth full price.

  5. Jelle Bosmans says:

    What price do you pay above spot for the maple leaves and what price do you get above spot of you sell them back? Thanks!

  6. geggs1 says:

    Awesome stack. Thx for sharing

  7. TheMagnumb says:

    there was no special canadian mint strapping around my boxes. just white straps. Easy to get restraped locally if I so wish. The strapping matters not. There is no way on earth I am going to worry about not getting as much for my silver because it’s not in a strapped box. I will get market – dealer premium or market + premium if I sell on ebay. Any dealer is likely to want to inspect a monster box regardless since it’s easy to re-strap a box and dupe a dealer.

  8. TheMagnumb says:

    Funny thing about this is that there wasn’t a premium for a monster box, I actually saved money buying in volume. I don’t intend to sell in volume. Even if I did, locally there has been no premium. The monster box itself is not intrinsically worth more than individual coins. this is just how dealers buy it. There is hype online about monster boxes but this is mostly false. People say things like this to make themselves feel better. Silver is silver..this is all that matters…

  9. CndMoneyGuy . says:

    I’m giving away a 1998 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf of my Channel.

  10. sternumkick says:

    To me holding silver is 2nd only to holding my daughter.

  11. TheMagnumb says:

    I hear what you are saying buuuut. Go on ebay right now and see the premium single Canadian maples go for. Premium is not a concern 🙂 Also, I love my silver dealer. Now I don’t have a monster box or anything but if I got one you better believe I will open it up and count and see for myself how many there are in there. Peace of mind is so important if you drop that kind of money on a buy. But there is more than one way to skin a cat.

  12. hotneo7 says:

    That’s not what Kitco and dealers told me. If it is still sealed then the dealer doesn’t have to count each tube and will pay the premiums. There’s a Youtube video of someone who has a green monster box and they explain it. Who is going to re-strap it with outside the mint? Once it is opened it is no longer a monster box, that is the industry term for sealed. You should try to buy a monster box and open it and try to sell it to a dealer ask for the premium and see what happens. They won’t pay.

  13. TheMagnumb says:

    no my understanding is this really matters not. Majority of coins are sold individually. There is no seal on the tubes at all, only 2 straps around the box itself and those aren’t special at all. he could get it restrapped if required. You likey don’t want to unload a whole box anyway. I know that I would hold this and when it’s sky high peal off coins when I go on holidays and cash them in locally. Great and safe way to transport some cash around without the gubermint looking over your shoulder

  14. TheMagnumb says:

    sweet mother…..

    This dude has other videos I was checking out. he has 3 boxes of silver and 50×10 ounce bars of Scottsdale stackers. he doesn’t have a video of the stackers but mentions it in the comments. So what your saying is dude has 77,508 dollars in silver/gold? Sweet Mother

  15. Kaynos says:

    Current price : 7 x 1644 = 11508 for the gold. Monster Box : 16 500. Total Value : 28,000$

  16. silver john says:

    every millionair should own one only if 4 million people bought 150 oz silver every year silver would be 1-10 with gold and wouldnt that be nice

  17. jismjacket says:

    whats all this talk about milk spots on Canadian silver maples??

  18. trtgefg43t says:

    Ich hab nen Ständer wenn ich dass sehe.

  19. NexisFilms says:

    39.99 $

  20. hotneo7 says:

    By opening it- doesn’t it lose value upon resale? You can collect the spot plus premium if the box still has the mint seal and unopened condition?

  21. Sc0rPsX says:

    Maybe, but I did see what I could get for some Maples – I bought when silver was $11/ounce and paid a slight premium for coins. I unloaded some when it hit $47 and was only offered the same on my coins as my bars.

  22. Lightech Yagamew says:

    the price plzz ???

  23. 1610spartan says:

    Hey mate im really interested in purchasing any gold bars, coins or rings off of you or if you have any silver bullions, coins or diamond rings. Please email me if you happen to have any at or anyone else that sees this comment. I will pay you generously. Cheers

  24. silver john says:

    nice hopefully i wanna buy a monster box of eagles in a years time after that wanna buy a box of maples

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