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Gold & silver : Are we close to a bottom?

25 Responses to Gold & silver : Are we close to a bottom?

  1. Tacos mananeros says:

    silver will go to 10,000$ within the next 30 years when the NY mets win world series.

  2. Barnone11970 says:

    Doing my best. 🙂

  3. Barnone11970 says:

    The past few days it has been going up and is as we speak. Who knows what happens in the near future, I worry about long term :). Thanks for commenting.

  4. Barnone11970 says:

    Well said. And look at it this way, if Silver was over $50/oz right now, how much could you afford to stack? 20 ounces would cost you over $1,000 instead of about $380. Big difference for people who got in late.

  5. Jack Belt says:

    My average buy in price is more than $10 an ounce higher but for some reason I’m not really stressed about it. I decided now that I’m going to try and start purchasing 20 oz a month for as long as I can. No one can convince me ass is well and we’ll never see another economic crisis.

  6. tomisnt says:

    I still think the B@33tards will try to bleed us all dry before they let it rise. Hold onto all you have and forget you own it. Move on with the priorities of food shelter and water. Have fun if and when you can afford it. Buy more when you can, and forget you have that tooo. This is a long term game and sooner or later it will go wild.

  7. Hired Gunz says:

    my opinion is silver prices will bottom once the silver/gold ratio hits 100:1

  8. brian richmond says:

    I miss the dayz when gold was affordable (for me). you could just by a $20 goldpiece to carry around in your pocket. (a damaged one of course). hope your kittycat gets better(bluepoint?) poor thing prolly thinks you don’t want him anymore…but I send strength and prayers.

  9. topseyshakehands says:

    I have even bought a set of tea spoons off ebay £27.00,for 81 gramms,good afternoon barnone,and its blazing hot in the north wales {uk}.

  10. Ashley Desrochers says:

    Can you please kick the trolls out of here!!!! I like to read positive comments not dick bag responses.

  11. SilverCoinNews says:

    *close is the operative word. We are close to a bottom. I’m greedy thus I’ll wait for $15 silver 🙂 I told myself all year I wasn’t gonna buy until it was just way too difficult to say no, and $15 seems like it would just be too painful to pass up. Am I being too greedy?

  12. okalanikane says:

    Great report! Thanks man!

  13. Gary Schultz says:

    Y’all want at statistically proven extender to your lives? Then adopt a pet. It’s proven that pet owners live longer and happier lives. To go through live and not share your blessings with a creature given to you by God, is a sin IMO. And everyone knows I’m no bible banger! You can do it with children too. Even if you can’t adopt, you can still mentor a child under several programs. If we aren’t here to help each other – then I see little point in our existence personally. I’m done now.

  14. Gary Schultz says:

    People who have never loved a creature of God (cat or dog) and never grieved at their illness or passing have not experienced life IMO. I always tell people that God (I do believe in a God) gave our pet’s such short lives to remind us about what is really important in life. We lost our Charlie (Jack Russel) of 15 years over two years now – and the pain and joy of remembering him and sharing our lives with him is still strong in our hearts. Hope your cat gets well soon Chris.

  15. Gary Schultz says:

    It’s my humble opinion that there is further downside to go, but having said that I was really tempted to buy when Ag was down .99 cents this morning. Same for gold. I do believe that if you have no stack and want to build one, then today was an excellent opportunity. I have a sizable stack, so I’m more willing to wait a little longer. In reality no one knows where this will lead, but IMHO, if you are starting to stack then you can’t go wrong long term buying in here. Just my opinion.

  16. dowhatuwill says:

    What you mean is there’s no interest among the USA folk. (United Sheeple of America.) Ever been to India, China, southeast asia and seen how much they love precious metals there and how much more they’re buying? Nope.

  17. red9man2130 says:

    Glad to see you on again! Sorry about your Cat! Thw wife and I have 2 and I understand how they become part of your family.

  18. Barnone11970 says:

    I really find your comment in poor taste.

  19. 33commonsenseguy says:

    GMO cat food ?

  20. joehervey84 says:

    I’m here, who knows

  21. fasteddie2013 says:

    I agree with you that buying low and selling high and if silver gets to $15 I’d be tempted to pick up a couple thousand ounces. I feel bad for guys like you though because you bought into the stories from these snake oil salesman like Schiff and Maloney. If you just would have waited you could have bought 50% more. The problem is for you is that you’re stuck with your silver. You can’t sell it. I knew silver was going to crash and tried to warn others but was mocked at for it but not anymore

  22. SilverTurtle65 says:

    I will buy more if it goes down to $17.50 and then if it lower than that ill buy more then too.

  23. Barnone11970 says:

    My pleasure, Glad I can help.

  24. Barnone11970 says:

    No, not at all. We have been feeding him adult food so I have a feeling that is not for a 6 week old kitten. I am sure it upset his stomach, he threw a lot of it up and he probably got dehydrated.