Another Silver Bar Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Another Silver Bar Unboxing

Another month of silver stacking finished off with a pretty nice looking bar.

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Another Silver Bar Unboxing

  1. Bigstackmcgee says:

    That thing just looks fantastic. Wouldn’t you love to a nice little pyramid of those ;D

  2. Cdn Silver Arrow says:

    Nice bar. There’s something about higher weight bars that make it feel very substantial, eh?

  3. leonwangls says:

    you should buy on clear dips only.. 

  4. yttst01 says:

    Gotta love hand poured bars!

  5. DogSoldier1973 says:

    WOW! That thing is SWEET!!!! I’m loving all these poured pirate treasure looking bars 🙂

  6. joehervey84 says:

    I’m here,great job. Fast hands

  7. cliffsearch says:

    Nice bar Epic. Bars are definitly cheaper to buy. I’ve orded fou bars of the 5 oz Scottsdale prey bars…It’s a quicker way to rack up the ounces. How many ounces are you up to now ? Cheers

  8. Silversing69 says:

    Nice Epic. Some sweet choices there.

  9. auag4me says:

    nice score love it when they clang together ,ahha that sound

  10. Metal4Detecting says:

    Sweet bar . Awesome addition to your stack.

  11. BusinessmanBandit says:

    1 Kg bars are the best, nice pick up bro.

  12. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Very nice bar, Close to spot is good. Thanks for sharing.

  13. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    That’s a great looking bar, just what you would imagine a proper bullion bar would look like & at least you have the RIGHT type of bar fetish going on! (the other one could probably cost you even more).

  14. Silver Rado says:

    You’re buying up all the silver leave some for us!


  15. WeAreTwoDoorsDown says:

    I’m jealous… not even gonna hide it… I’m jealous….

  16. BSOv3point0 says:

    lmao..look at u man, goin BIG caliber on us. If u do another “dumping” vid , watch your toes with that monster.:)

  17. FTIdeas says:

    I like going to bars 🙂 nice

  18. ortegablue says:

    Looks so solid, regal & real! Glad you took it out of the plastic! Thanks 4 sharing 🙂

  19. xxjose95 says:

    Nice! I like those types of bars too! Their awesome and great looking

  20. MrVegiita says:

    That is a nice bar! Interesting coating on the Monarch bar.

  21. ThesharpNshiny says:

    That’s a beauty!

  22. tpntch07 says:

    Epic unboxing – great looking bar!

  23. dmatthews778 says:

    Wow, that is awesome!! Very nice man

  24. nthndck says:

    now thats a hunk of metal!

  25. TheSilverSlacker says:

    Very nice add, I like it!

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