2013 Australian Tree Dwellers Series | Silver Unboxing

2013 Australian Tree Dwellers Series

This is a short unboxing video from Gainesville Coins in Florida. I have here in the video the Australian Year of the Snake (1/2oz, (3) 1oz), a 1oz Kookaburr…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SD Bullion

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8 Responses to 2013 Australian Tree Dwellers Series

  1. iDIMi says:

    Yo EpicRV! I just needed to get my hands on some Year of the Snakes before they were all sold out! I’ve ordered from them several times, I would say they are for sure better than Provident.

  2. iDIMi says:

    Thanks Man! iPad for the win! Keep em stackin!

  3. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice purchase bro… Gainesville is one of my favorite place to buy my silver from also. Great video quality … Keep stacking

  4. EpicRV says:

    Nice pick ups — just placed my first order with Gainesville after hearing so many great things about them.

  5. iDIMi says:

    ahaha shows you I haven’t been watching Animal Planet enough. I thought they would just sit up in a tree and when you walk under they jump on you lol I watched this video the other day called “Drop Bear” I was like ohh I guess koalas attack people with their claws. lol

  6. greg williams says:

    koala’s dont leap out of tree’s lol – they are so off the planet from eating eucalyptus leaves all day, they just sit there, most of the time asleep hahahaha

  7. iDIMi says:

    ahahhaa Greg, that’s too funny! It seems like all these animals have a dark side. The Koalas will leap out of a tree and attack you, the snakes will poison you and the pineapples will drive you up a wall! lol Have good day Greg!

  8. greg williams says:

    lol i have pineapples sitting in my backyard all day making a hell of a racket, they are so loud.
    love the sandwich as well, now im really hungry :-)))