2012 Chinese Silver Panda One Ounce Coin Review | Silver Unboxing

2012 Chinese Silver Panda One Ounce Coin Review

These are my opinions regarding the 2012 Chinese one ounce silver Panda coin. This coin is highly sought after by both bullion and numismatic coin collectors…

SD Bullion

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24 Responses to 2012 Chinese Silver Panda One Ounce Coin Review

  1. IrixGuy says:

    That’s just it. Check out my Ignorant & Chubby Redneck Workout Routine video for a good laugh. I am a dumb and ignorant redneck but I’m not racist. In my world race, sex, gender, sexual orientation does not matter. Cheers!

  2. shaolin811 says:

    Yes profession doesn’t matter. So why did you say to try and work a high stress job as a trader? You implied that you have a hard job that’s hard to go home after and maintain a good mood. Games are fun, but no need to be offensive towards an entire culture or ethnicity. You may not have meant to be offensive, but others don’t know that.

  3. IrixGuy says:

    Profession doesn’t matter…I like to be goofy =) YouTube videos are my “video game” to relax and have fun LOL

  4. IrixGuy says:

    Yep a Maine Coon cat is hard to beat =)

  5. shaolin811 says:

    And nice cat. Always wanted that breed. 

  6. shaolin811 says:

    Working a high stress job as a trader doesn’t justify anything here. Sorry.

  7. IrixGuy says:

    Thanks for the feedback and thanks for diagnosing me as “ignorant.” Try working a high-stress job as a trader and come home and try not to be goofy. Humor is healthy. Embellish everything in life that you can with humor. Cheers!

  8. shaolin811 says:

    if they are in such high demand why WOULDNT u get more?… Good job And You don’t sound funny, you just end up sounding very fucking ignorant. Fucking redneck. If you can’t read it, then just leave it at that. No need for you to be a fucking prick by going all “ching chang chong”

  9. sgwarrenb says:

    silverpandaprice com check out silver panda price

  10. IrixGuy says:

    @loribubble LOL glad you liked it! Feel free to check out my other coin and bullion vids too! I have a playlist link and will continue to post new coins 🙂

  11. swatchhellobanque says:

    “ pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas ! where did you go ???? ”
    lol !!!! this video is sooo funny !
    and 0:51 there is a gun on the floor !
    how crazy is this ?? ^^

  12. swatchhellobanque says:

    ” pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas ! where did you go ???? ”
    lol !!!! this video is sooo funny !

  13. IrixGuy says:

    @Jeremy Farrance Pandas are hard to beat! Great bullion coins with a numismatic premium that usually increases annually!

  14. Jeremy Farrance says:

    hmm… tempted to buy me some panda’s now…

  15. Mineav says:

    Your cat stole 10 silver pandas of mine. I demand them back!

  16. IrixGuy says:

    ASEs are great but these Pandas are incredible! They also tend to appreciate much more quickly than ASEs.

  17. Nota Repost says:

    By God, That coin is so shiny! Im glad i ordered one, im thinking about replacing my new purchases with these coins over my SIlver eagles

  18. IrixGuy says:

    @superhawkn Meow is purrfectly correct!

  19. IrixGuy says:

    Thank you =)

  20. maximuslaurius says:

    = Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó

    “Peoples Republic of China”

    Nice Cat! 🙂

  21. IrixGuy says:

    @duude1997 Now that is a scary thought LOL

  22. duude1997 says:

    watch out for your gun on the ground, you cat might take it too!

  23. IrixGuy says:

    Not sure I buy from Provident Metals and APMEX….not sure if they ship to UK.

  24. silver john says:

    can u recomnd me a dealer who posts to the uk regards

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