2011 Silver Canadian Grizzly Coin for my Maples Collection | Silver Unboxing

2011 Silver Canadian Grizzly Coin for my Maples Collection

Hello, just a quick update of my silver aquisition at a coin shop today. The price wasn’t crazy, so I picked it up to add to my wildlife collection. Now I ju…
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16 Responses to 2011 Silver Canadian Grizzly Coin for my Maples Collection

  1. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, it is weird. There shouldn’t be tax on bullion at all in in my opinion. It’s just another form of money.

  2. TheM3Silver says:

    Tax on coins? I only have to pay tax for bars, thats wierd.
    Nice coin anyway! 🙂

  3. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, Ohio does unfortunately.

  4. Photo314159 says:

    $53.82 w/tax.

  5. Photo314159 says:

    Nice. I just usually order online so I don’t get taxed. But then I have to pay shipping so I’ve got to order enough to make it worth it. 

  6. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, well we’ve got tax in Ohio unfortunately. The binder is from Dansco.

  7. Photo314159 says:

    $53.82 w/tax.

  8. William Eggington says:

    I don’t think Utah taxes coins.

  9. papermoney54 says:

    How much was it?

  10. AthleticMuscle12 says:

    Ive never been taxed for coins…

  11. rocky315w says:

    another reason to buy flea market silver, no tax and better then that no record either buying or selling.you are familiar with the person that sent in 8 of them to have them authenticated and had them confiscated because their relative had stolen them from the mint while the others were being destrpyed. that was a loose loose proposition.

  12. Adam J says:

    I don’t get taxed in ND

  13. SilverStacker123 says:

    I like that binder you got there, I think state laws determine if bullion is taxed.

  14. mcrfuse says:

    theres more than one of them now

  15. LiquidArgentum says:

    How much did you pay?

  16. lanceoa says:

    Nice, I am waiting for an inexpensive grizzly. I often wondered about that when I bought some junk silver