$20 Silver Maple Leaf Coin 1080HD | Silver Unboxing

$20 Silver Maple Leaf Coin 1080HD

Show and tell of a Canadian silver maple leaf commemorative coin. These coins were available from the http://www.mint.ca website for free shipping! T…

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18 Responses to $20 Silver Maple Leaf Coin 1080HD

  1. Nin10doWaluigi says:

    Does that mint envelope come with the coin wherever you buy it, or is it just when you order it from the mint?

  2. Slim Charles says:

    “Only 200,000”. That’s a pretty huge number.

  3. ryanreardon16 says:

    Where do u get the plastic air tight cases mine never have come with them

  4. thusoccer says:

    it is $1 in canadian money and it is a coin

  5. thusoccer says:

    when i wached this i bought one and it is the best thanks for making this vid

  6. Lesgrimshaw15 says:

    only 8 grams i have never heard of it must be scarious

  7. Lesgrimshaw15 says:

    wow u can’t loose and silver is at 36 dollars an ounce

  8. romacanada says:

    From epost mail

  9. RyanB0011 says:

    Who said it was $120? Where did you get that from?

  10. romacanada says:

    120$ for this???? No thanks

  11. Mike Cole says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Coins look good. I got mine about a week ago. They’re gorgeous coins.

    Keep stacking!

  12. moleman1961 says:

    How about finding that on the beach, Mike?!

  13. moleman1961 says:

    Thats a real nice coin!

  14. MichaelSwan66 says:


  15. ASilversVoice says:

    got it. I was thinking the same thing. I will will be making a video of the same coin tonight feel free to watch.

  16. RyanB0011 says:

    Ordered 3 for me, 3 for my wife and 3 from Canada Post.

  17. ASilversVoice says:

    How did you order 9 more I thought it was 3 per customer?

  18. ASilversVoice says: